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Fall 2011

American Girl E-News

In this issue, discover more about the new song "A Lot Like Me," inspired by the friendship between our two new historical characters.

In August, our newest historical characters, Cécile and Marie-Grace, made their debut. To celebrate their arrival and the rich musical tradition of their hometown of New Orleans,
American Girl partnered with 13-year-old Kate Harry Connick, Jr. and Kate Connick and her father, world-renowned musician and actor Harry Connick, Jr.

Performed by Kate and written and accompanied by her father, "A Lot Like Me" is an original song that was inspired by the friendship between Cécile and Marie-Grace. All proceeds from the song benefit the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, a place for musicians to study, perform, and pass along their musical heritage. The Connicks gave American Girl an exclusive interview about the making of "A Lot Like Me" and what New Orleans means to them.

American Girl: You are both very passionate about New Orleans. What would you like people to know about the city that they may not be aware of?

Cecile and Marie-Grace

Harry Connick, Jr.: I love the neighborhoods and family atmosphere. Most people think of New Orleans as a tourist town, but it's so much more.
Kate Connick: [I love] all the young musicians on the street, but more importantly, New Orleans is a family town. My favorite part about visiting New Orleans is being with my family.

AG: We know giving back is important to your whole family and the song "A Lot Like Me" is benefiting the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in New Orleans. How did that come about and what makes it so special?

Harry: We were asked by American Girl to do a song for a new set of dolls. What a treat for us to be able to give back through this song. The message is pretty good, too!
Kate: My dad asked me to sing the song. It's special knowing the moral to the song—it doesn't matter what color you are, it's on the inside.

AG: What's it like working together as father and daughter?

Harry: Kate is very serious about her work. She always gives 100% and is very attentive and open-minded. I love working with her.
Kate: It's really fun. I learn a lot. I can't mess up! Just kidding...

AG: What do you each admire about the other as a performer?

Harry: Kate is fearless and loves to have fun. She also values the importance of preparation.
Kate: He always has something new to show when he's entertaining. He's just the best.

Kate in the studio

AG: This project with American Girl is really fun and inspiring for kids. Your next holiday project is also for kids. Tell us more about how that's going.

Harry: I wrote a song for my Harry for the Holidays CD a few years ago called "The Happy Elf." The song is about giving, sharing, and trying your best. It inspired an animated TV special and DVD, a holiday stage musical, and now a children's book and companion CD. The Happy Elf children's book and companion CD will be released this fall.

AG: Speaking of the holidays, what's your favorite tradition as a family?

Harry: We don't have a lot of set traditions, but we love time together. And holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are always really fun.
Kate: Thanksgiving because it's all of us together. And Saints games!

Just like Cécile and Marie-Grace, Kate and Harry show a true love for their hometown. You can help make music—and a difference—in New Orleans, too. Simply download "A Lot Like Me" today so that a new generation of musicians can learn, grow, and perform at the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music.