Stand Together, Stop the Bullying curriculum - Use Chrissa’s stories to bring courage to your classroom.

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, these curriculum materials will help you empower and protect the girls and boys you care about. The curriculum was designed to be used in tandem with the Chrissa books and movie.Dowload the Teachers Guide

Here’s what you can do:
Use time codes in the teacher’s guide to locate scenes in the movie, and ask the related discussion questions
Print the activity worksheets for children to fill out and think about
Share the Chrissa activity book with girls you know


For more information about how to implement anti-bullying programs in your school, visit, a partner with American Girl in creating the curriculum.

the Ophelia project

American Girl created this curriculum in partnership with The Ophelia Project, a national nonprofit serving youth and adults who are affected by relational and other forms of aggression. Through school programs, educational workshops for adults who work with youth, and a nationally recognized speakers bureau, The Ophelia Project helps schools and communities create safe social climates.

For more information, visit