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Felicity Merriman
Shailene Woodley
Felicity® is a spirited, strong-willed colonial girl who grows impatient doing the quiet “sitting down kinds of things” a proper young gentlewoman must learn. She tries to keep her mind on the dainty stitches and elegant penmanship she practices, but Felicity’s thoughts wander to Penny, the beautiful horse she longs to rescue from the cruel Jiggy Nye.

Felicity is played by 13-year-old Shailene (Shai) Woodley, who began acting at the age of 5. When she’s not acting or going to school, Shailene likes writing scripts and making home movies, scrapbooking, and taking pictures. She also enjoys trying new things like parasailing, bungee jumping, and stunt flying. Her television credits include: Crossing Jordan, The O.C., Jack & Bobby, and the made-for-TV films Replacing Dad and Hallmark’s A Place Called Home.

Elizabeth Cole
Katie Henney
Elizabeth™ is a shy girl who recently moved to the colonies from England. She and Felicity become fast and faithful friends even though their families have different political beliefs.

12-year-old Katie Henney plays Felicity’s best friend. Katie has performed several roles in The American Girls Revue at American Girl Place New York. Her other theater credits include Sunshine, Ragamuffins, and Number the Stars. Among Katie’s favorite activities are playing with her huge doll collection, taking care of her pets, and making her family and her friends laugh. A natural fashionista, she would also like to become New York City’s next big clothing designer.

Mrs. Merriman
Marcia Gay Harden
Felicity’s mother, who cares for her family with love and pride.

Marcia Gay Harden plays Felicity’s mother, Mrs. Merriman. The Academy Award®-winning actress has starred in numerous films, including Bad News Bears, Mystic River, Pollock, Mona Lisa Smile, Casa de Los Babys, and The Spitfire Grill. She also just recently completed filming on the independent feature American Dreams. Harden’s television and theater credits include her Tony-nominated performance as Harper Pitt in Angels in America, as well as King of Texas, The Education of Max Bickford, Sinatra, Simpatico, Those the River Keeps, and The Seagull.

Mr. Merriman
John Schneider
Felicity’s father, who owns one of the general stores in Williamsburg.

Felicity’s father is played by John Schneider, who is best known for his role as Bo Duke on the popular television series The Dukes of Hazzard. He stars in Smallville as Jonathan Kent, father to the teenage Clark Kent. Other television credits include: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Heaven Help Us; Mary Christmas; Michael Landon, the Father I Knew; and The WB’s animated series, The Mummy. Film and theater credits include: Snow Day, Exit to Eden, and the Tony Award-winning musical, Grand Hotel.

Nan Merriman
Eulala Grace Scheel
Felicity’s sweet and sensible six-year-old sister.

Eulala Grace Scheel, daughter of actress Marcia Gay Harden and filmmaker Thaddeus Scheel, is playing her first speaking role as Nan Merriman. She made her film debut in the Academy Award-winning film Pollock. Eulala is in the first grade and is very good at all of her school subjects. She is the proud big sister of one-year-old twins Hudson and Julitta.

David Gardner
Felicity’s beloved grandfather, who is generous and kind.

David Gardner plays Felicity’s grandfather. He has performed more than 850 roles on stage, radio, television, and film. His theater credits include Requiem for a Nun, Deathtrap, On Golden Pond, Macbeth, King Lear, and As You Like It. His numerous film and television credits include The Class of 1984, The Good Mother, Murder at 1600, Detroit Rock City, RFK, and RoboCop.

Ben Davidson
Kevin Zegers
Ben is a quiet but determined 15-year-old apprentice living with the Merrimans while learning to work in Father’s store.

Ben is played by Kevin Zegers. His film credits include the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead, Air Bud, Komodo, Four Days, It Came from the Sky, and Treasure Island. Kevin has also appeared on numerous television programs, such as House, Smallville, Titans, and the Showtime feature The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie.

Annabelle Cole
Juliet Holland-Rose
Elizabeth’s snobby older sister, who thinks everything is better in England.

The part of Annabelle is 13-year-old Juliet Holland-Rose’s first film role. Juliet recently moved to Los Angeles from London to pursue a film career. She comes from a theatrical background, as both her grandparents and mother are actors on the London stage. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, dancing, and singing.

Miss Manderly
Janine Theriault
The gracious gentlewoman who is Felicity’s teacher.

Miss Manderly is played by Janine Theriault. Her film and television credits include 5 Minutes, Mr. Welles, Nero Wolf, Monk, More Tales of the City, Further Tales of the City, Conviction, and a Gemini Award-nominated performance in Murder Most Likely.

Jiggy Nye
Geza Kovacs
A cold-hearted scoundrel who mistreats Penny and threatens Felicity.

Geza Kovacs plays Jiggy Nye. He has appeared in numerous television productions, including The Eleventh Hour, Keep the Faith, Baby, Mean Streak, The Adventures of Sinbad, Road to Avonlea, Highlander, Kung Fu, and The Hitchhiker.

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