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Ten-year-old Felicity Merriman is growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, just before the American Revolution. Felicity longs for freedom from the tight stays she must wear and the small, ladylike steps she must take if she is to behave like a respectable young gentlewoman. High-spirited Felicity would rather rush into exciting adventures, like taming the wild horse owned by the cruel tanner, Jiggy Nye. Her parents have warned her to stay away from the animal, but Felicity feels a bond with the horse that she just can’t ignore—and she can’t bear to see Jiggy Nye abusing her!

Felicity isn’t the only one questioning what’s right and what’s wrong. Change is in the air as some colonists—like Felicity’s father and his apprentice, Ben—take steps toward independence from the king of England. Others—like Felicity’s dear grandfather and her best friend, Elizabeth—are shocked that anyone would question the rule of the king. How can Felicity choose a side when she knows it means being disloyal to someone she loves? As the Revolutionary War threatens to tear friends and neighbors apart, Felicity’s family faces a crisis of its own.

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