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A proper young lady like Samantha spent hours learning how to do fancy needlework and practicing the piano. But there was plenty of time for fun, too, and Samantha loved to play games, do art projects, and have tea parties with her doll. Click on the links below for activities and crafts.
Paper Dolls
Dress your favorite American Girl in a fancy outfit or everyday play clothes with these Paper Dolls.
Put a new twist on crafts
from the past. Try these fun and easy-to-make projects inspired by Samantha’s time.
Scavenger Hunt
Enter Samantha’s world! Search her neighborhood to find the right objects, and play games.
Take a peek at the past with a beautiful scene from Samantha’s world. Then download the wallpaper!
Book Excerpts
Samantha’s six books were the inspiration for the movie about her adventures. Sample Samantha’s stories
Then & Now
Growing up in 1904 was different from growing up today. Explore some of the ways life has changed in the last 100 years.

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