Download free apps featuring girls' favorite
characters and activities.

Each app works with iPad, iPhone,
and iPod touch only.

Friendship Ties

Design virtual friendship bracelets. Choose a pattern. Then add personal touches with thread colors, buttons, and charms.

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Grace Sweet Shop

Mix, roll, bake, and decorate treats in a French pastry shop just like Grace, Girl of the Year 2015!

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Playful Pet

Hot dog! Playful Pet has eight adorable puppies that need your love and care. Pick out your new best friend. Then have fun spoiling it with lots of puppy love!

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Tropical Toss

Hit the beach and have a ball with this ultimate test of memory! Watch the instructor. Then copy her moves to see how long you can keep the ball in the air.

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Dance Studio

Reach for the stars with
Isabelle! Tap stars so that
Isabelle will leap to keep
them in the air.

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Time for a Story,
Bitty Baby

Choose characters, settings,
and props to make up
different stories—and play
mini games, too!

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Scene Sounds

Make sound tracks that
are just right for the way
you and your doll play.

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Paint Ponies

Help Saige round up the ponies at grandma Mimi's ranch. Then have fun painting scenes from Saige's world.

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Runaway Pup

Join the guides at Innerstar U in their search for a lost pup! Which guide will you be? Which path will you choose?

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Port to Port

Set sail with Caroline to get much-needed supplies for her town, but watch out for British ships!

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Help McKenna practice her
gymnastics skills so that she'll
be ready to shine at tryouts.

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Kanani's Shave Ice

Help Kanani serve delicious shave-ice treats by completing customer orders before the sun sets.

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Cheer On!

Show your Innerstar University™ school spirit by collecting letters all over the field while avoiding obstacles.

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