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  • Gwen and Gabby have loads of fun making crafts for Mckenna and Molly.

  • Alea enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration with her grandma and her dolls Chrissa, Kanani, and Rebecca at American Girl Atlanta.

  • Joyce and Josefina love reading together.

  • Abby, Kit, and Honey enjoy traveling and telling jokes together.

  • Serena loves playing with her dolls Sophia and Saige.

  • Anna and her doll had a great time in Hawaii.

  • Melody was very glad to have her dolls with her when she was in the hospital.

  • Mary Claire dressed as Kit for Halloween and she even made a scooter like Kit's.

  • Jenny and Sarah had so much fun dressing alike for Halloween.

  • Cleo-Elena loves to go camping with her dolls Linzey, Marky, and Molly.

  • Lexi and her dolls, Lilly and McKenna, had a lovely time when they visited American Girl.

  • Anna enjoys playing with Kirsten, McKenna, and Kanani and likes creating hairstyles for them.

  • Kylie loves her dolls very much.

  • Maya and Lydia had an awesome time celebrating with Olivia and Kanani at American Girl.

  • Jessie enjoyed dressing and playing with her doll on their trip to Aruba.