Dear American Girl,

My cat passed away last year and I really miss him. We have a new kitten now, but it’s just not the same. Sometimes playing with the kitten makes me miss my old cat even more. What should I do?
-Pet Problems

Here's your advice:

When my fish died, I had a little funeral for it. It felt good to do this and let my feelings out.
-Gracie, age 9, North Carolina

If you’re feeling up to it, you could write short stories about your old cat. I’m sorry for your loss.
-Rachel, age 10, Nebraska

Don’t focus on how sad you feel. Remember all of the happy times you had with your old pet. Try your best to make new memories with your new kitten.
-Emma, age 12, Alberta

My cat passed away a few years ago and I really miss her, too. Talk to your parents about how you feel. They might be able to help you.
-An American Girl fan

When my cat passed away, I made a photo album with all of the pictures I took of him throughout his life. When I miss him, I look at the photos and they make me feel better. I hope this helps.
-Jaycee, age 13, Florida

My dog passed away a while ago. I was really upset, but eventually focused on the happy things in my life and all that I should be thankful for. It’s OK to be sad—just remember that things will get better. With time, I bet you’ll be able to give your kitten the same love that you gave your old cat.
-Kirwin, age 12, Texas

My friend recently lost her cat and she’s having a really hard time, too. It can be so hard to lose someone or something you love, but I try to remind myself that it’s part of life.
-Jordan, age 10, Wisconsin

Tell your parents how you’re feeling. They might be able to help you. If you don’t want to talk to them, you could talk to your new kitten—animals are great listeners.
-Alison, age 9, New Jersey

It’s OK to be sad. Your little kitten needs your love, too! Maybe she can help you get through this.
-Emma, age 10, Florida

Losing a pet is really hard. Sometimes it just takes time until you start to feel better. Your new kitten won’t replace your cat—they’re different animals and it’s OK to make new memories.
-Savanna, age 11, Florida

You could make a cat journal and write down how you’re feeling. Did you take any photos of your old cat? Put them in the journal. Once you’ve done this and had time to feel sad about your old cat, you might be able to feel better about playing with your new one.
-Katy, age 12, Washington

Your cat will always be with you in your heart. I bet your cat would want you to be happy and play with the new kitten. Give it some time and you might feel better soon.
-Sydney, age 8, Florida

Try to give the new kitten a chance. The kitten probably wants to love you just like your old cat did!
-Ariell, age 10, Nevada

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