Dear American Girl,

My older sister is beginning high school this fall and I’m afraid she won’t want to hang out with me anymore. What if she doesn’t have time for me?
-Worried sibling

Here's your advice:

High school is a big adventure! Your sister probably needs all the help and support she can get. She might be just as worried as you are.
-Haley, age 10, California

You could plan an activity to do together each weekend. Maybe you could watch a movie or paint your nails?
-Sophia, age 12, California

Your sister might want a little more alone time but that doesn’t mean that she won’t want to hang out with you. Try not to take it personally if she needs more time by herself or with friends her age.
-Isabella, age 11, California

Find things to do outside together when your sister needs a break from homework.
-Sophia, age 10, Florida

Just because your sister is in high school doesn’t mean she will change. I’m in high school, and I’m still interested in the same things as before.
-Helena, age 16, Pennsylvania

While she might have best friends at school, you will always be her sister. She will be there for you.
-Lily, age 11, Michigan

This could be a great time for you to discover your own hobbies. My brother recently went to high school and he started to love electronics. Be yourself and find out what you like!
-An American Girl fan

Talk to your sister and let her know your concerns before she starts high school. That way, she might make more of an effort to fit you into her schedule.
-Julie, age 13, Maryland

In two years I will be going to high school. I know how it feels to be left out by older kids so I’m never going to do that to my little sister. Try setting up a family night each week for you to eat a meal together and play games or watch a movie.
-Stella, age 11, Michigan

My sister told me that high school is hard and she has lots of work. You could arrange a time to do your homework together.
-Megan, age 10, Colorado

My sister is 25, and I thought she wouldn’t hang out with me once she started her university degree. Guess what? We always do fun things together on the weekends, such as shopping, going to the movies, or baking a cake.
-Evie, age 11, Ireland

I was worried about that, too. When my brother started high school I thought we would drift apart. However, we are still best friends!
-Amber, age 13, Idaho

My older sister is in high school, too. When I began to feel this way, I started sitting by my sister at dinnertime. I asked her about school and then she knew that I still wanted to be close with her.
-Zoe, age 10, Arkansas

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