Dear American Girl,

I’m by far the tallest girl in my friend group. Sometimes my friends call me “the giant” or joke around about how tall I am. At first it was OK, but now I’m tired of it. What should I do?
-Very Tall

Here's your advice:

Make it clear that you don’t like it when they tease you. Let them know that the jokes are getting old.
-Jessica, age 8, California

I’m the shortest one in my friend group. Sometimes my friends joke about it, and I have to remind them that I don’t like to be teased. Talk to your friends calmly about how you feel.
-Lauren, age 10, Colorado

It’s OK to be tall! Your friends probably don't realize that they are hurting your feelings. Try talking to them—that’s what I would do. And remember, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.
-An American Girl fan, age 11, Michigan

To get your friends to stop joking about your height, you could politely ask them to stop or change the subject. I’m the smallest one in my friend group, but we’re usually too busy laughing to worry about anything like that. Everybody is different, and you have to accept you for you. Your friends will probably stop joking about your height if you let them know that it bothers you.
-Melissa, age 11, Iowa

First, you should tell your friends how you feel about their jokes and see how they react. If they keep making the jokes, then you might want to find another group of friends. If they really are your friends, they should stop making jokes about you. Remember that different people have growth spurts at different times. When I was younger, I was pretty tall for my age, and I worried that I’d always be tall. But now I’m one of the smaller kids. You might not be the tallest forever!
-Maria, age 11, Maryland

Everybody is different—just remember that. We are all unique. Don’t let others bring you down, and be confident with how you look. If it really bothers you, say something like, “Hey, it really bothers me when you guys tease me. Do you think you could stop?”
-Niki, age 13, California

Tell your friends that it makes you feel bad when they tease you and you want them to stop. If they don't stop, you need to ask yourself if they are true friends.
-Bethany, age 12, Tennessee

Ask your friends how they would feel if someone made fun of them.
-Kymberlee, age 9, Oklahoma

You have to talk to your friends. Tell them that what they’re saying is getting on your nerves. Don’t be mean about it—if you say it kindly, they should understand and stop. Most likely, they’re just bored and want something to joke about. If they don’t stop, then talk to an adult.
-Olivia, age 12, Colorado

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