Dear American Girl,

My friend and I play tennis together, but she’s a lot better than I am. On show-and-tell day, she always brings in her trophies, and it makes me feel jealous and embarrassed. What can I do to stop feeling like this?
-No trophies

Here's your advice:

If you focus too much on trying to win trophies, you might take the fun out of the sport. Be happy for your friend, and enjoy playing the game.
-An American Girl fan

It can be hard to remember, but if you love tennis, that’s more important than a trophy.
-Jennie, age 11, Texas

Remember that you’re amazing with or without a trophy.
-Zahra, age 8, California

Just because you don’t have trophies doesn’t mean you aren’t good at anything. You don’t win a trophy for being kind or a good friend.
-An American Girl fan

Maybe your friend can help you improve. Ask her to give you some tips. Then maybe you two can practice tennis together.
-An American Girl fan

Your friend probably isn’t trying to make you feel bad. She’s most likely just proud of herself for winning a trophy. I know it’s hard, but try to be happy for her. Your day to shine will come!
-Victoria, age 11, Indiana

You could try telling your friend how you feel. Maybe she will be more sensitive about the situation.
-Stacey, age 10, Washington

Don’t feel embarrassed. There’s almost always going to be someone better than you at something. It’s normal to feel envious sometimes, but don’t lose a friend because of jealousy. It’s not worth it.
-Megan, age 12, California

Ask your friend to help you become better. She might be able to give you some tips or practice with you.
-Ariana, age 10, Florida

You could make trophies for yourself. It may sound a little silly, but you’ve probably done some cool things you haven’t received trophies for.
-Ali, age 12, Wisconsin

Everyone is different. It’s OK that you don’t win a lot of tennis trophies. Think about all the things you’re great at. I’m sure your friend wishes she was better at certain things.
-Victoria, age 10, Illinois

Don’t play a sport just because you want a trophy. If you do, you’ll miss out on the fun of the game.
-Reilly, age 10, Canada

Always work hard. If you don’t win a trophy, that’s OK. As long as you’re doing your best, that’s all you can do. It’s normal to feel a little jealous, but try support your friend.
-An American Girl fan

I don’t have any trophies either. You could host a family fun night and create trophies that you can win.
-Leah, age 11, Iowa

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