Dear American Girl,

I feel like I’m trying too hard to make friends. I do my best to invite girls from class over or to act extra friendly at school, but they rarely invite me to do anything. Sometimes it feels like they don’t like me. What should I do?
-Frustrated with Friends

Here's your advice:

Ask one of the girls to be your partner for a school project. Also, ask if you can sit with them at lunch. Getting past that first step can be hard, but once you do, things might get better, and you’ll get closer to making good friends.
-Grace, age 11, Ohio

Be yourself. If those girls aren’t interested in knowing the real you, they probably wouldn’t be great friends anyway. Remember how awesome you are and keep looking for true friends.
-An American Girl fan

I’m having a similar problem at school. I’m nice and very friendly to the girls in my class but they don’t seem to like me. I think you and I should both try to find friends who will include us.
-Hayden, age 10, Texas

You could reach out to another girl who doesn’t have a lot of friends. You’ll both be happier!
-An American Girl fan

This is a tricky situation. I understand that you really want to make new friends, but if the girls you’re inviting over aren’t showing any interest and still don’t include you, I think you should look for new friends.
-Kay, age 9, Florida

Ask a parent if you can join some fun afterschool activities. You might make some really great friends at a club, class, or sport!
-Ainsley, age 10, California

You can’t force friendships. If those girls don’t appreciate you for who you are, then invite another nice girl over to hang out.
-Esther, age, 11, Pennsylvania

Be friendly and open to everyone at school. You never know where you might make a friend. I’ve made most of my best friends by accident! I met one in the hall and another at a random table at lunch.
-Sydney, age 10, Wisconsin

Give it some time. Friendships can take a while. This makes me think of the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It means that great things take time and effort to accomplish. Try to remember this as you’re making friends.
-Eliana, age 10, Italy

Do you have anything in common with the girls in your class? Maybe you’re into soccer or crafts. You could talk about these topics with the girls at school. Then you could invite them over to do a cool craft or start a game of soccer after school. Good luck!
-Julia, age 9, Georgia

Sometimes you can’t just jump into friendships. Ask the girls if they want to work on homework together, or smile at them in the hallway. Be friendly, and be yourself. If they still aren’t friendly to you or they ignore you, look for friends elsewhere. You deserve better!
-Stephanie, age 12, California

You could try sharing a snack with a girl at lunch. Maybe you two will start talking and become friends!
-Riley, age 8, Ohio

Be yourself around these girls. The world should know the real you, and you’ll make better, stronger friendships if you are being yourself.
-Malia, age 12, Oregon

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