Dear American Girl,

My room is one big mess zone. I clean my room all the time but before I know it, my whole room is messy and cluttered again. I don’t even realize when I’m messing up my room. What should I do?
-Major mess

Here's your advice:

I had a similar problem. I picked a day and specific time each week to clean my room. It turned into a habit and now my room is always clean.
-Keira, age 8, Massachusetts

Try putting things away as soon as you’re done using them. I know it can be hard to remember, but if you do it cleaning will be much easier.
-Saya, age 8, North Carolina

Maybe you have too many things in your room. Ask a parent to help you go through your room. You can make three piles: one for keeping, one for donating, and one for throwing away.
-Kacey, age 12, Florida

Listen to your favorite songs while cleaning your room. The work will go by faster and it’s fun.
-An American Girl fan

Always put something away before you get something else out. Also, don’t shove things under your bed. The more cluttered your room is, the faster it will get messy.
-Naya, age 12, California

I used to have a similar problem. I organized my things and put them in bins.
-Alexis, age 12, New Jersey

Pick one day each week to do a thorough room cleaning. My room used to be messy all the time until I started doing this.
-An American Girl fan

I tidy my room every day for 5 minutes. It really helps.
-Florence, age 9, New Jersey

Leaving something like your shoes in the middle of your room can lead to leaving another thing, and so on. Try to put things in their rightful place so that this pattern doesn’t begin.
-An American Girl fan

Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean as fast as you can. Take a break once the timer is up and then set the timer again. It’s really fun.
-Clare, age 10, Viriginia

Do certain tasks on certain days. On Mondays I vacuum, on Wednesdays I pick up my clothes, and on Thursdays I organize.
-An American Girl fan

You could put a sign on the door that asks, “Is your room messy?” This might help you remember to tidy things up.
-Julie, age 13, Arkansas

My younger sisters and I have chore checklists that we must complete. One thing that we need to do is clean our rooms.
-Emily, age 14, Wisconsin

I bought pretty cloth boxes for sorting my things. I have one for shoes in my closet, one for toys, one for my books, and so on. If you do this, make sure you label the boxes.
-Sophia, age 11, Texas

Pick one day every two weeks to do a big clean up. Sort through your stuff and make sure everything is in its correct spot. Take a little time each night before going to bed to make sure everything in your room is put away.
-Maddie, age 12, North Carolina

Reward yourself for cleaning. If you keep your room clean for a whole week, ask your parents if you can have some type of treat or reward. That worked for me. Now I clean my room out of habit.
-Rachel, age 12, Iowa

The hardest thing for me is putting away my clothes. I started going through my clothes every few months. I donate the things I no longer wear often. This helps me keep things neat and it also gives me extra space in my closet for other things.
-Elle, age 12, Canada

Create a big bold sign that says, “My goal: Keep my room clean.” Hang it somewhere you will see it every day. Good luck.
-An American Girl fan

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