Dear American Girl,

I am so sensitive to scary things. I watched an alien movie, and now it’s giving me nightmares—I can’t even sleep! How can I be braver?
-Scaredy Cat

Here's your advice:

It can take time to get over the things that scare you—that’s OK. Some people are afraid of the dark as kids, but not as adults. It’s OK to feel scared sometimes. Talk to your parents if you feel like you’re scared about too many things.
-An American Girl fan

I think you should ask your parents for advice about what movies are OK to watch. They might have some good suggestions and might know what will be too scary for you.
-Allison, age 11, Idaho

Keep a nice, happy book by your bed. Read that before you go to sleep and hopefully this will leave you with happy thoughts.
-An American Girl fan

When I watch a scary movie, I think about the actors, the set, and how the movie was filmed. This helps me remember that it’s just a movie and the scary people in the film are just people!
-Ruthie, age 10, New Jersey

I used to be afraid to go into my basement alone. I thought it was so scary. I gave it some time and went down there with my parents, then with my siblings, and now I’m not afraid. Take baby steps.
-Holly, age 11, Connecticut

Remind yourself that the movie isn’t real. Try making a joke out of the movie.
-Natalie, age 10, California

Talk to your parents when you’re afraid. Talking about how you feel will probably make you feel a whole lot better.
-Bethany, age 10, Ohio

Try cuddling with your favorite stuffed animal and close your eyes tight. This helps me feel better when I’m scared.
-Winnifred, age 11, Virginia

Think about all of your favorite things before you go to bed. Make up happy stories in your head, too.
-Grace, age 9, Michigan

Sometimes you get over scary movies as you grow up, and sometimes you don’t. I still don’t like scary movies—and I think that’s OK. I love adventure films, so I watch those instead.
-An American Girl fan

I often have the jitters after watching scary movies. I try to remind myself that the characters are just actors, doing their jobs. This really helps me.
-Kirwin, age 12, Texas.

Don’t feel like you need to watch scary movies. You could tell your friends the truth and let them know that you get scared easily. You never know, they might be scared, too!
-An American Girl fan

When I watch scary movies, I keep the lights on. I also close my eyes frequently during the movie. If this doesn’t work, ask a parent to watch a movie with you.
-Makayla, age 11, Indiana

Think about what scares you most about the movie. Then draw a picture or make up a funny ending to the movie.
-Grace, age 12, Ohio

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