Dear American Girl,

I tripped and fell down the stairs at school. I’m OK, but lots of people saw and I’m so embarrassed. Has anything embarrassing ever happened to you? How did you get over it? I don’t even want to show my face at school again!
-So Embarrassed

Here's your advice:

It’s OK to be embarrassed. When I feel this way I usually try to laugh it off or make a joke about what happened. I try to tell myself that even though I’m embarrassed now, it will probably be funny in a few weeks.
-Kiera, age 10, Georgia

I was listening to music on my mom’s phone through headphones and singing along. I didn’t think anyone could hear the music, but the headphones weren’t plugged in all the way. My mom came and told me that everyone could hear the music playing and me singing along with it. I was really embarrassed but I shook it off.
-An American Girl fan

I get embarrassed about a lot of things. It helps me to take a step back and try to figure out why I’m so embarrassed. Usually, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about—we all make mistakes and do silly things.
-Lydia, age 11, Georgia

One time I sat down on someone else’s beach blanket. I thought it was my family’s towel, but it wasn’t. I apologized and walked away. My sister and dad kept laughing about it, which didn’t help. However, I forgot about it 20 minutes later.
-Ruby, age 13, California

It might seem like a huge deal to you, but I bet your classmates won’t even remember it happening in a few days.
-An American Girl fan

Remember, everyone makes mistakes and gets embarrassed. I used to get really embarrassed about every little thing I did wrong, but now I just move on and forget about them. Try not to dwell on bad things that happened in the past. Plus, I’m sure lots of kids have tripped at school or done something similar.
-Ginger, age 13, Texas

I hugged someone who I thought was my mom. It wasn’t her. Most people can relate to feeling embarrassed, so they’re understanding and won’t tease you or talk about you behind your back.
-Sarah, age 11, Texas

Remind yourself that everyone has done something embarrassing before. You might think they’re laughing or making fun of you in their heads, but they’re probably thinking about a time they did something embarrassing.
-An American Girl fan

I know this sounds weird, but my parents told me to laugh it off. Maybe this will help you.
-Emma, age 9, Washington

One time, my teacher called me up to the front of the class to do a math problem. I froze and just stood there. Everybody laughed at me, but I just smiled. It was forgotten later in the day.
-Abigail, age 10, California

I’ve fallen at school, too. I made sure I was OK and dusted off my pants. Then I laughed and said, “Well, that was graceful.” A joke often makes the situation better.
-Aaniya, age 11, North Carolina

I’ve had quite a few embarrassing moments at school. When someone laughs or makes fun of me after they happen, I try to change the subject. If people make fun of you and won’t stop, talk to your teacher or an adult you trust.
-Zoe, age 13, Maryland

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