Dear American Girl,

I brag too much, and I think I’m beginning to annoy my friends. I don’t mean to do it. Sometimes I just start talking about all of my accomplishments over and over again. I usually realize that I’m bragging after I’m already done talking. What can I do to stop this?
-Accidental bragging

Here's your advice:

It’s perfectly OK to celebrate your accomplishments. You should be proud of yourself and all that you do. Just make sure that you celebrate others’ talents, too.
-Elanie, age 11, Texas

Ask your friends to let you know when you’re bragging. They can remind you in a nice way when it happens.
-Annie, age 13, Kentucky

If you catch yourself bragging, you could say, “Oops. I just realized I am going on and on about myself. What’s new with you?”
-Madison, age 11, Florida

Your friends might be annoyed with you if you’re bragging a lot. It’s good to be excited about your talents and smarts but don’t make your friends feel bad.
-Ashley, age 10, Massachusetts

You might be bragging because you’re nervous or have run out of things to say. Sometimes you might feel that you need to fill silence, but it’s OK not to.
-An American Girl fan

You should be able to tell your friends about the things you’ve accomplished. Just don’t go on and on, and be sure to ask your friends what they’ve been up to, too. You’ll show that you’re proud of yourself and you’re proud of your friends.
-Cady, age 11, Virginia

Think about what you’re going to say before you say it. You could also ask a parent or friend for advice.
-Mary Jane, age 13, Missouri

If you talk only about your own accomplishments and don’t ask your friends about theirs, they might think you don’t care about them. Make sure you’re considerate and ask your friends about their lives. It’s important.
-Hannah, age 10, Illinois

You can still be proud of yourself without bragging. For example, you could say, “I won my basketball game!” After you say something like this, you could follow up with, “Did you have a good day? What’s up?”
-Maddie, age 12, California

Make sure you think about what you’re going to say. Would it make you feel sad or jealous if someone said it to you? This question has been helpful to me.
-Amber, age 10, North Carolina

It’s good to celebrate exciting things in your life, but it’s not nice to make someone else feel as if her life isn’t exciting. When you accomplish something, share it with your friends once. If they bring it up again, you can talk about it and be excited, but try not to overdo it.
-Lindsay, age 11, Pennsylvania

If you have good news, share it with your friends. Make sure you ask them if they have good news, too.
-Lindsay, age 8, Texas

When you’re with your friends, focus on what they’ve been up to lately. Ask them how they did in their sports games or on their last test.
-Anna, age 13, Texas

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