Dear American Girl,

I am such a picky eater. Whenever I go to a friend’s house, her parents always make food that I don’t like. What should I do?
-Picky Eater

Here's your advice:

You and your friend could make the meal instead of having her parents cook. That way you could make whatever you like.
-Emily, age 13, Michigan

When I’m eating a food I don’t like, I pretend it’s something I love—like ice cream or cake.
-Kaylie, age 10, Texas

Try to eat at least one bite of each food on your plate. That way you don't come across as being rude. Just try!
-Maddy, age 11, Florida

Even if you didn’t like the food last year, you might like it now. Your taste buds change.
-An American Girl fan

You could say, “No thank you.” Just make sure that you’re polite.
-Harmony, age 11, Florida

Eat something before you go to your friend’s house. I’m a vegetarian, and I almost always eat before going to a friend’s house.
-Charlotte, age 13, Massachusetts

My parents always encourage me to branch out. Sometimes I think I don’t like a certain type of food, but after trying it, I love it. This is a great way to find a new favorite food!
-Jessalyn, age 11, Pennsylvania

Look at other things around the table. Maybe you’ll find something else that you like.
-Elizabeth, age 11, New York

Maybe you could start a conversation with your friend about your favorite foods. She might mention what foods you like to her parents.
-Laney, age 11, Virginia

You could invite your friend over to your house for dinner. That way you can choose the food!
-Emma, age 10, Washington

It’s OK to politely say “no, thank you.” If you’re hungry, you could just go home for dinner.
-Anabelle, age 9, Pennsylvania

I’m a picky eater, too. The trick is to bring a small, lightweight snack or meal that you can eat if you decide you don't like their options.
-Ellie, age 11, Texas

It might be nice to let your friend know what you like to eat before you come over. You could say, “I’m a picky eater,” and then you could give her a list of foods you like.
-Alexis, age 12, Georgia

Even if a food looks gross or smells funny, it can still be delicious. After a few bites, you might change your mind about it!
-Abbey, age 10, California

HELP! from You