Dear American Girl,

My best friend is moving away and I’m feeling really sad. What can I do to stay close to her?
-Sad friend

Here's your advice:

My best friend just moved away. Before she left we had a sleepover, and got matching pictures, matching bracelets, and matching journals. Then we went out to eat together.
-Sabrina, age 12, Indiana

You could give your friend a stuffed animal. She can hug it when she misses you.
-Elizabeth, age 11, New York

Mail each other something special each month. Every time you see something small that reminds you of your friend, save it in a shoebox and send it in the monthly mailing.
-Shane, age 10, Louisiana

My best friend moved away last year. I miss her but I know we’re still best friends. We email and sometimes send each other postcards. At school I made new friends and they are great. I know Hilary found new friends too, and that’s OK.
-Nicole, age 11, Illinois

Ask if she’d like to be pen pals. That way you can keep in touch and the letters will give you something to look forward to.
-Charlotte, age 11, Virginia

It’s totally normal to be sad. Just try not to dwell on it. Maybe you could look at this as a chance for you to make some new friends.
-Jeanine, age 12, Indiana

Try to do something nice for your friend before she leaves. That way she’ll have good memories when she’s traveling to her new home.
-Savannah, age 13, North Carolina

My best friend just moved away. We stay close by video chatting, texting, and talking on the phone. It’s loads of fun and sometime I forget she’s even gone because we talk so much!
-Halle, age 12, California

My friend lives in Texas. We have a book that we send back and forth. We write down just about anything on our minds and then mail it to each other. It’s a great way to keep in touch.
-Ada, age 10, Indiana

Try to put yourself in your friend’s place. She’s probably feeling scared about moving. How can you let her know that you’re thinking of her?
-Emma, age 11, Tennessee

My best friend moved to Dubai two years ago. It took me a long time to get used to her being gone. One day I received a note in my email from her. Since then we have kept in close contact. We tell each other everything through emails, letters, and phone calls.
-Jillian, age 11, Utah

Talk to your parents about visiting your best friend. Ask if you can go see her over one of your school breaks.
-Jennie, age 11, Texas

The way my friend and I stay close is by texting and video chatting. My friend used to live in my neighborhood so whenever I needed to talk to her she was right down the street. Now she’s just a video chat away. It’s not the same but it does make things better.
-Rosine, age 14, Pennsylvania

When I moved to South Africa, I was sad to leave my best friend. We made memory boxes and filled them with about 30 letters, pictures, and other symbols of our friendship. I gave her the one I made, and she gave the one she made to me. Now we’re even closer than we were before.
-Lauren, age 11, South Africa

Talk to your friend about how you’re feeling. At a time like this she probably needs you more than ever.
-Avery, age 12, Texas

Last year my best friend moved across the country. I was very sad. My advice is to make the most of the time you still have. Save your tears for later. Give your friend cool stationery so that you can become pen pals. You could also get matching necklaces so that you can remember each other every day.
-Anna, age 12, Minnesota

Before your friend leaves you could sit down and make a scrapbook together. Use pictures from special times throughout your friendship.
-Emily, age 11, Oklahoma

I moved to Europe for two years and I missed my friends so much but we kept in contact the whole time. I know it’s hard to be away from a friend but with effort, you can still stay close.
-An American Girl fan

One of my best friends moved to another state. We always send each other birthday presents in the mail. It’s so fun and really makes our birthdays special.
-Summer, age 12, Indiana

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