Dear American Girl,

My dream is to be a dancer. It’s my passion and I’m so happy when I dance. The only problem is, I don’t think I’m good enough to make the dance team at school. What can I do?
-Dance doubt

Here's your advice:

Try to visualize yourself succeeding and then go get your dream.
-Kaylee, age 9, Virginia

Ask your parents if you can take a few lessons before tryouts. That will help you be prepared.
-Lin, age 10, Illinois

If dancing is your passion, go for it. Your dreams can come true but you have to try!
-An American Girl fan

Remember that the other girls will be nervous, too. You’re not alone. Maybe you can find someone to practice with beforehand.
-Maya, age 10, Georgia

Practice is key. You will become a better dancer if you practice. And if you don’t make it this year, there’s always next year.
-Elle, age 10, Texas

Don’t give up. I love to sing and dance so I tried out for select choir in school. I made it and you can too. Go for it and never give up on what you love.
-Reanata, age 11, Florida

Don’t compare yourself to others. When you dance, try to be free and have fun.
-Hannah, age 14, Virginia

You could ask the dance teacher to stay a little longer so that you could get some extra help. Or try asking for tips from a girl who is already on the team.
-Diana, age 10, Connecticut

Don’t let anything discourage you. The only thing stopping you is you. If you really want it, go for it.
-Kenidi, age 9, New York

I bet you’re an awesome dancer. Keep telling yourself that you are. Sending yourself positive messages can be really helpful.
-Kira, age 10, California

A similar thing happened to me with my school chorus. My mom said that I should try out, but I didn’t think I was good enough. I did try out and guess what happened? I got in. Be confident and maybe you’ll make the team.
-Joy, age 10, Georgia

You need to believe in yourself.
-An American Girl fan

You could ask a parent to film you dancing. Then watch the video to figure out what you need to work on. You can ask your parent for advice, too.
-Adah, age 10, Wyoming

Try out. Even if you don’t make the team, you’ll be proud of yourself for being brave and giving it a try. You never know what will happen until you try.
-Irena, age 11, Oregon

Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll make the team. Just try your hardest and have fun. And remember: You have a better chance of doing well if you have a lot of confidence in yourself.
-An American Girl fan

Sometimes you just have to jump. Rather than wondering “what if?” wouldn’t you rather just know?
-Maria, age 13, Texas

Everyone is an amazing dancer in his or her own way. If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!
-Lillian, age 9, South Carolina

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