Dear American Girl,

I’m having trouble with my friend on the bus. I said something that upset her last week. I said I was sorry and she accepted my apology, but things are still really uncomfortable. What can I do to make it better?
-Awkward bus ride

Here's your advice:

Give it some time. It’s great that you apologized and that she accepted your apology, but it may take more time for things to go back to normal.
-Harmony, age 11, Florida

Remind this girl how important your friendship is to you. Let her know that you’re sorry and that you’d like to forget the whole thing and start over.
-Logan, age 10, Illinois

If you wait a while and things still feel awkward between you two, invite her over to talk. Ask her how she’s feeling and how you can make things better.
-Lindsay, age 9, New Jersey

Do what you can to make things feel normal. Instead of thinking about how awkward things feel, ask if she wants to play a game. Have fun and move past this incident.
-Shailie, age 12, California

Be friendly when you see her. Smile and ask about her week. Things might go back to normal soon.
-Anna, age 13, Texas

If your friend wants space, give it to her. She might need time to think.
-Lauren, age 10, California

It can be really hard to deal with a situation like this. Be brave and start a conversation with her about something you both enjoy. Do your best to avoid talking about the situation. If you focus on discussing things you both love, the ice might eventually melt away.
-Sasha, age 12, Kansas

Remember, we all make mistakes. Talk to her again and say that you’re sorry one more time. After that, be friendly. That’s really all you can do.
-Chloe, age 9, Georgia

Ask if your friendship is OK and really listen to what she says. Do what you can to make things better. If you’re still having problems in a week, you could get help from your guidance counselor at school.
-Jayda, age 9, Wisconsin

Write your friend a letter explaining how you feel. If things are still uncomfortable, that’s OK. Just do the best you can.
-Emma, age 10, Virginia

Sometimes it takes a while to patch things up. Give your friend some time. Make sure you’re still friendly to her, and things might eventually go back to normal.
-Julie, age 12, Connecticut

You need to regain your friend’s trust. Be kind to her and show her that you didn’t mean what you said. Think before you speak—you could even plan out what you’re going to say before you go talk to her again.
-Katrina, age 14, South Dakota

Approach your friend and ask her how she’s doing. She might not be acting this way because of you. It’s possible that she’s been having a bad week or a hard time at home. Let her know that you’re sorry and tell her you’re there for her either way.
-Paola, age 10, Nevada

I think you should tell her exactly how you feel. You could say, “I’m really sorry about what happened. I really didn’t mean it. I’d like to make up with you.” If she seems open, you could invite her over for a sleepover or to hang out.
-Mayla, age 13, Alabama

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