Dear American Girl,

My little sister is so slow about everything. It takes her forever to get ready for school, clean her side of the room, and do her homework. I’m trying to be patient but it’s really, really hard. What can I do?
-Impatient sister

Here's your advice:

I used to share a room with my little sister. I found it helpful to give her a hand with the things she was having trouble with. Helping her always made things go by much faster.
-Destiny, age 11, Virginia

Try to be patient even though it’s really hard. It will be worth it because you’ll have a better relationship.
-Ella, age 12, Massachusetts

Turn cleaning your room into a game. Put a song on and challenge your sister to clean her side of the room before the song ends. Do the same on your side. I play this game with my sister when we clean our room.
-Jibek, age 13, Thailand

Help your sister pick outfits for the next day. This might help her get ready faster in the morning. Give her a hand—you are her big sister, after all.
-Diana, age 11, Connecticut

If you have some extra time to spare ask your sister, “Hey do you need some help?” I bet she’d really appreciate it.
-Lauren, age 12, Illinois

Chances are, that you were pretty slow when you were little, too. Remember that. Ask your sister to hurry up in a nice way.
-Vicky, age 11, California

I have an 8-year-old little sister, and it can be tough sometimes. Set up a schedule and plan out who uses the bathroom when or what time you’d like to leave for school. Having a plan and time limit for things might help.
-Emily, age 12, Florida

My older sister always wants me to hurry up. She realized that telling me to rush often makes me feel anxious and take longer. Try to give your little sister more time.
-Hannah, age 11, Arizona

Talk to your mom and dad and ask for their advice. Maybe they can talk to your sister about going faster or being more organized. Help your sister figure out where to put things.
-Julie, age 9, Washington

Whenever I start to feel impatient with my little brother, my parents remind me that I was the same way at his age. Try to put yourself in your sister’s shoes.
-Carolina, age 13, Idaho

You could make cleaning into a game. Set a timer and see how many things the two of you can pick up before the clock beeps. When the time is up, do something fun together.
-An American Girl fan

Be patient with your little sister—she’s probably trying her very best. Some people are slower than others, and that’s OK. Sometimes it’s nice to stop and smell the flowers.
-Alicia, age 11, New Jersey

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