Dear American Girl,

My best friend blamed me for something I didn’t do. She won’t listen to me or even talk to me! How can I help her see that it wasn’t me?
-Frustrated friend

Here's your advice:

Try writing her a note. Explain that you didn’t do whatever she thinks you did. If that doesn’t work, do something kind for her, and she might see that she’s being unfair.
-Kaysha, age 10, Oregon

Try to find out what really happened and then explain it to her. Best friends are worth some detective work.
-An American Girl fan

Give your friend some time to cool down. Then try telling her again that you didn’t do it.
-Kelly, age 10, Massachusetts

My advice is to try your very best to be a good friend. Talk to her alone and tell her how you feel. Good luck.
-Mandi, age 14, Washington

First, try to relax. Take a bubble bath, read a book, or play with a pet or sibling. Try to stay positive and wait for your friend to come around.
-Cheryl, age 12, California

Find a time when you and your friend can sit down and talk it out. Just be truly honest and try to stay calm. She should understand.
-Victoria, age 11, New Jersey

Make her a card. Write the card with “I” statements and make sure you tell your friend how much you value her friendship.
-Lili, age 11, Illinois

Don’t play the blame game and don’t bring up previous incidents. Just talk it out. Good luck.
-Anna, age 13, Canada

Keep trying! The best thing to do is let your friend know that you didn’t do it. If she doesn’t believe you after telling her several times, then maybe she’s not the friend you thought she was.
-Laura, age 11, Indiana

Your friend is probably too angry to listen right now. Wait a little while and then try again—she might be more willing to talk.
-Katie, age 13, Maine

You could schedule a meeting with your school counselor. Ask her to come along and talk to the counselor about how you both feel.
-Kate, age 12, Washington

Try to find a kind way to prove that it wasn’t you. Remember, whatever you do, don’t be mean or rude. That will just complicate things more.
-Leah, age 13, Colorado

You could say something like, “I know you’re pretty upset with me, but I really didn’t do it. Please remember that I’m a good friend and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I want to let you know that I’m here for you when you want to talk.” If this doesn’t work, just know that you’ve done the best you can.
-An American Girl fan

If you tell your friend you didn’t do it several times and she still doesn’t believe you, take a step back. Maybe you should surround yourself with new friends who love and support you. Live a drama-free life.
-Ava, age 13, New York

Try not to stay sad for too long. Sometimes friendships fade, and that’s OK. Use this as an opportunity to make new friends.
-Faith, age 10, Kansas

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