Dear American Girl,

My older cousin is so cool. She wears awesome clothes, is great at sports, and is really funny. Sometimes she gets mad at me for copying her though. I don’t always mean to copy her—sometimes I just end up dressing like her. Should I stop wearing the same clothes as she does?
-Cool Cousin

Here's your advice:

She might think you’re copying her to bug her. If you like what she’s wearing, then you should wear it. If you’re worried about your cousin getting mad you could say, “I really like your style. I want to dress like that, too!” That way she will see that you admire her.
-Rissy, age 11, Ohio

Be yourself. It’s OK if you two have similar style, though. Maybe you could have a twin day with her!
-Emma, age 9, California

You can wear whatever you want. Just remember to stay true to who you are.
-Zohra, age 9, Washington

I used to have a similar issue with my cousin. I explained that I really like her style and eventually, she was OK with me wearing clothes like hers. Now we laugh about it.
-An American Girl fan

I think it’s nice that you want to be like your cousin. She might be annoyed by it now, but maybe she will be flattered by it later. Have a talk with your cousin and let her know how you’re feeling. Listen to her, too.
-Destiny, age 13, Illinois

If you’re just being yourself, that’s OK. Wear what you want to wear—it’s OK if you have a similar style to your friends or your cousin.
-Maria, age 9, California

Explain that she’s one of your role models. That’s pretty cool, in my opinion. Maybe if she understands this, she won’t call you a copycat.
-Baylee, age 10, Arkansas

If you feel confident and like the clothes, then I think you should wear them.
-Genna, age 13, Florida

You could ask her to help you pick out clothes because you like her style so much. She would probably take that as a compliment!
-Anna, age 10, Tennessee

Add a personal flair to the outfits that you wear. Even if the clothes are similar to your cousin’s, they will be personalized to your style.
-Sophia, age 12, Ohio

I have a friend who is two years older than me. I really admire her and sometimes copy her. At first she was mad at me, but later realized it’s because I think she’s so cool.
-Eliana, age 10, Italy

Ask your cousin for advice. You could say, “I really love your clothes. Could you help me figure out my style?” She might be excited to help you discover what colors or styles you like best.
-Nina, age 12, Virginia

I think you should embrace what’s cool about you. Wear what makes you feel like yourself. The coolest clothes are the ones that make you feel happy.
-Emma, age 10, California

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