Dear American Girl,

A girl in my class didn’t invite me to her birthday party. We’re not very good friends, but my feelings are still hurt. I keep hearing other girls talk about the party and it makes me feel really bad. What should I do? I hate missing out on things.
-Birthday Blues

Here's your advice:

I know your feelings are hurt, but try not to take it personally. She probably could only invite a certain amount of people, so she invited the girls she was closest to. I’m sure it still hurts your feelings, but try to remember that.
-Katy, age 12, Washington

Talk to your parents. Maybe they will help you plan something fun to do the day of the party.
-Kaylee, age 10, Virginia

You could invite a few friends over to hang out. This could be a chance for you to get closer to girls you usually don’t spend time with.
-Caroline, age 11, Georgia

It’s OK to feel sad, but try to remind yourself that you aren’t very good friends. Would you have invited her to your party? This might be a good way to look at the situation.
-Elizabeth, 12, Wisconsin

Whenever this happens to me my mom takes me to the movies. It’s a good distraction and definitely makes me feel better. Maybe you can do something special the day of the party.
-Sarah, age 9, Oregon

Are there other girls who are feeling left out? Invite them over to your house during the party. I bet you’ll all have so much fun together, you will forget about the party.
-Elle, age 12, France

My advice is to try and look on the bright side. It’s not very nice of those girls to talk about the party in front of you, but maybe they didn’t know you weren’t invited. If the girl throwing the party isn’t a good friend, I’d try to let it go. I’m sorry you’re feeling sad, though. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re upset? Watch movies? Cuddle with your dog? Do things that make you happy the day of the party.
-Sarah, age 8, California

When I’m not invited to a party, I put myself in the host’s shoes. Your friend’s parents probably only let her invite a certain amount of people. Naturally, she invited her close friends. Imagine what you’d do in the same situation. You wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but you’d invite the girls you’re closest to.
-Naya, age 13, California

Do something really fun to take your mind off of this. Dance, hang out with your friends, go for a bike ride, or spend time with your family! If you’re still feeling down, talk to a friend or family member.
-Sophia, age 11, Illinois

Being left out always hurts, but remember to show kindness. Even though you’re upset, do your best to be friendly and nice to the girl.
-Aainya, age 11, North Carolina

Those girls in your class shouldn’t discuss the party in front of you, that’s not nice. Something similar happened to me and my mom reminded me that you won’t always be invited to everything, just like you can’t invite everyone to all of your gatherings. My feelings were still hurt, but it made me feel a little better.
-An American Girl fan

I’m sorry you’re upset. Maybe you can throw a party later in the summer and invite everyone—even the girl who didn’t include you.
-Holly, age 11, Connecticut

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