Dear American Girl,

I recently got glasses and my friends told me that they were cool. But when I went to school with them on, a boy told me that I look weird. Now I’m really worried about wearing them. What can I do?
-Glasses girl

Here's your advice:

The reason you’re wearing glasses is to improve your eyesight. Don’t let one boy make you feel silly for trying to see!
-An American Girl fan

I wear glasses, too. When you first get them they can feel a little different. You will get used to them and so will everyone else. But just remember—how you feel about yourself is more important than how that boy feels.
-Rose, age 12, Washington

If this boy teases you again, you could say, “Well, I like them.”
-Teresa, age 11, New York

Think of your glasses as a fashion accessory! Glasses are cool. Hold your head up high and be confident. If this boy makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to an adult.
-Katherine, age 10, Utah

If you like your glasses, it doesn’t matter what that boy thinks. Remind him, “You’re not the one wearing them so that’s OK. I like them.”
-Amelia, age 9, Vermont

Sometimes people put others down to make themselves feel better. Try to wear your glasses with confidence.
-Arielle, age 11, Oregon

Do your very best to ignore the boy who is teasing you about your glasses. Show everyone that just because you changed on the outside doesn’t mean you changed on the inside.
-Nicky, age 10, Massachusetts

A similar thing happened to me. When my mom cut my hair very short, I wanted to be invisible forever. But then I realized that my hair doesn’t make me who I am. When a girl at school teased me, I said, “Even though my hair looks different, I am still me. This is who I am.”
-Antoinette, age 10, Nevada

Your friends love you for who you are—glasses or no glasses. Remember that. If this boy can’t see past glasses, then he’s not a very good friend.
-An American Girl fan

Sometimes when a person changes something about herself it takes a little time for others to get used to it. It’s possible that this boy doesn’t dislike your glasses—he’s just not used to them. If you like your glasses, that’s all matters.
-Cara, age 10, Texas

Ignore this boy. Personally, I think glasses rock.
-Hailey, age 11, Illinois

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If you’re really uncomfortable, you could ask your parents about contact lenses. I think glasses are really cute and fun, though.
-Diana, age 10, Connecticut

Many people need glasses, and there’s a chance that this boy will need them at some point in his life. If he doesn’t need glasses, then he might need braces or something else like that in the future. You could remind him of this and say, “I hope no one treats you like you’re treating me if you need glasses someday.”
-Alexis, age 12, New Jersey

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