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Terrific Television

This question is from 11-year-old Rylie: “If you could create a TV show, what would it be called? What would the show be like? Explain!”

These girls shared their thoughts:

My TV show would feature a different kind of animal every episode. There would be cool facts about each type of animal.
-Emily, age 9, California

My TV show would be about twins who are best friends. They would travel the world with their parents. I’d call the show .
-Kat, age 11, New Hampshire

My show would be called . It would be a show about the crazy things I do!
-Emma, age 11, New Jersey

I would call my show . It would be a show about how to make dog treats.
-Autumn, age 9, Iowa

My show would be about crafting. Each episode would be about making something. For example, one episode might be about making clothes, and the next might be about making cards.
-Kay, age 9, Florida

I would make a show called . I’d be a chef and create lots of delicious dishes. Then I would serve the food to people living in poverty.
-Taylor, age 9, Pennsylvania

My TV show would be a variety show. Girls of all ages would come on and compete in trivia challenges and show their talents. There would be lots of games.
-Meghan, age 11, Tennessee

My show would be called . It would be all about training dogs to do cool stuff.
-Mary, age 11, Massachusetts

I would create a show about a group of girls who uncover mysteries. It would be awesome.
-Rebecca, age 10, New York

I’d make a show about my family. There would be a camera crew filming the funny things we do. There are five kids in my family, so it would be really interesting.
-Amanda, age 13, Pennsylvania

I would create a TV show about girls who make clothes. They would model their clothing on the show!
-Aleena, age 10, New York

I don’t like TV that much, but if I could create a show, it would be called . It would be about reading books and imagination.
-Kiki, age 10, Ohio

I would make a trivia show called . Kids would compete on it, and if they answered the questions correctly, they’d get candy!
-Keiki, age 13, Georgia

My show would be about a girl who loves to ice skate. It would be about her practices and how she perfects her routine.
-Lucy, age 9, Illinois

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