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Future Style

This question is from 11-year-old Meg: “How do you think people will dress in 30 years? Describe it!”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I think clothes will be futuristic, like really awesome hats with swirls on top and big skirts and cool silvery tops with gold accents.
-Lily, age 11, Utah

I predict lots of neon—neon shirts, neon shoes, even neon earrings!
-Anna, age 13, Texas

I think that people will start dressing with a mix of clothing from the old days and from now. Style will be modernly hipster.
-Teresa, age 12, Texas

People will wear mascara that will make their eyelashes clumpy. They will have crimped hair and wear huge earrings and clogs.
-Kylie, age 11, Michigan

People in the old days wore fancy clothes. Then things became more casual. I think clothes in the future will be even more casual.
-Ayah, age 9, Canada

I think people in 30 years will dress with mismatched socks, skinny jeans or pants, and regular shirts.
-Alicia, age 10, Ohio

It would be cool if our clothes were digital so that you could change the design on your shirt with the click of a button.
-Rylee, age 10, Texas

I think that people will have machines to pick out clothes for them that match their personalities.
-Jordyn, age 9, North Carolina

I think all the styles will be the same as now, just with softer and looser fabrics that have awesome patterns.
-Anna Grace, age 13, Louisiana

I think everyone will dress like fairies.
-Olivia, age 6, New York

I think people will dress in a lot of purples and pinks—and maybe even dye their hair those colors as well!
-Raven, age 13, Hawaii

I think people will look all technological. They will have cup holders in their clothes, and the color of the clothes will be brighter.
-Palak, age 11, New Jersey

Clothes probably will be very weird. I’m thinking solid puffy skirts and metal tops.
-Grace, age 11, Massachusetts

People will wear stylish clothes. Girls might wear sequined tops and maybe a new version of jeans. Boys will wear slacks, ties, and dress shirts.
-Zoe, age 9, Texas

I think people will dress in shoes that hover off the ground, jeans with built-in pockets to hold electronics, and shirts that are way too big. Girls will wear their hair in super tight buns, and boys will have air-conditioned baseball caps.
-Jennifer, age 10, California

I think people will have neon robot suits that light up and have a GPS installed so that wherever anyone goes, it will always be the right direction.
-Amber, age 11, Ohio

Since the style now is a twist on ’60s retro, I think that in 30 years the style will be to bring back the ’80s. People will probably wear acid-washed jeans and button-down shirts tucked into high-waist pants. Lots of junky sweaters, too.
-Holland, age 13, Canada

I think baggier pants will be back in style, as well as those crazy jumpsuits from like 40 years ago.
-Mercedes, age 13, New York

I think people will mix in things from the past and the present. After all, that is how you come up with a great outfit.
-Adhvika, age 11, Alabama

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