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Cool Cars

This question is from 12-year-old Leah: “If you could design your own car, what would it look like? Give lots of details.”

These girls shared their thoughts:

My car would be metallic blue. It would have a stuffed koala hanging from the rearview mirror and a bumper sticker that says, “Go, American Girl!”
-Eleanor, age 8, Illinois

My car would be a hot pink limo, because no matter what, you’re a star and deserve to be treated like one. It would have purple and turquoise flowers all over the sides of the car, along with blue wheels. On the hood and trunk would be decals that say, “You are a star, so believe it!” There would be a sunroof in the back of the limo. Also, there would be enough room for a small table in the middle to play games on and a tray that could pull out in front of each seat for refreshments.
-An American Girl fan

I would prefer a simple horse-drawn carriage. It would be white and covered with gold designs. There would be a door on each side.
-Felicia, age 11, Texas

My car would be lime green and would have flowers on the sides of the car—that would add a pop of color. It would be easy to find in a parking lot.
-Heather, age 12, Pennsylvania

My car would be blue with white stripes. I would like it to look like an old-fashioned car. The wheels would be made out of candy.
-Brooke, age 7, Minnesota

My dream car would be mint green with little pink hearts all over it. The horn would sound like a duck, and there would be a DVD player inside.
-Elle, age 11, Texas

My car would be white, and I’d call it a Doodle Bug. I would use special markers that wouldn’t wash off so that I could decorate it and design it how I’d like.
-Sandra, age 12, Massachusetts

My car would be very creative. It would run on chocolate and save natural resources to help the environment. Also, it would have a built-in bathroom, so you wouldn’t have to stop.
-Claire, age 10, Texas

I would have a car that has paint splotches all over. There would be a picture of an elephant on the driver’s-seat door.
-Caroline, age 12, Florida

Blue is my favorite color, so my car would be blue. I would put funny photos of my family on the outside of the car. Wait…that could be embarrassing.
-Emily, age 9, Singapore

If I could design my own car, it would be fire red and fast. There would be sparkles all over it and the roof would open. I love sparkles.
-Summer, age 10, Georgia

My car would be able to transform into an airplane. It would also have a built-in phone and a built-in computer, and it could go into auto drive.
-Frankie, age 9, New York

I would definitely have a rainbow car. The car would change different colors as it moved.
-Anastasia, age 10, Texas

If I could design my own car, it would be pink. There would be leather seats because they are so easy to clean. It would also have a mini refrigerator inside with all kinds of fancy foods and drinks. The outside would be covered with flowers, because flowers are awesome.
-Katerina, age 10, Colorado

Our car would be practical and part fantasy. It would be painted alabaster with gold markings. It would have light pink pillows instead of seats. There would also be a self-vacuum system to clean the floor.
-Shae, age 10, Illinois

I would have a blue car. There would be a pool on the inside, plus a hot chocolate and tea maker. I’d also have a huge flat screen TV inside.
-Maddie, age 12, California

If traffic were bad, my car would be able to fly right over it. I would never have to wait. The car would have an ice cream machine, a milk-shake machine, and candy inside. It would be known for its nail salon and hot tubs.
-Sarah, age 10, New York

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