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The Questions Game!

This question is from 11-year-old Caroline: "If you could make up a new game for TV, what kind of show would it be? What would happen on the show, and what would it be called?

These girls shared their thoughts:

My show would be called "Remember an Event!" Contestants would have to have to remember something funny that happened and tell it to the judges, who would choose the winner.
-Megan, age 13, Arkansas

Mine would be "NOODLES!" People on the show would have superstars come to live with them for one month. After that, they would all come on the show together, the contestants would ask the stars questions about the regular people they lived with, and the stars would try to answer them. If a star answered incorrectly, the contestant would yell "Noodles!" and the star would have noodles dumped on her head.
-Bailey, age 10, Louisiana

I would invent a game show where people had to make all kinds of candy from weird ingredients such as spinach. The most delicious candy would win.
-Mara, age 10, Ohio

I've always liked the idea of a T-shirt contest. I would call my show "Razzle the Dazzling T-Shirts!" Contestants would be handed random T-shirts. People would get one minute to use glitter, sequins, markers, and other decorating materials to dress up their T-shirts. At the end, the audience would pick the top three shirts, which would then go into a final round. Then contestants would have ten minutes to do five T-shirts. And the best one would win!
-Emma, age 11, West Virginia

I would do a friend game show. It would be called "Do You Know?" Friends would go to the show in teams and answer questions about each other to earn points.
-Emilia, age 13, New York

I would make a show called "Daredevil." The host would randomly select people from the audience and dare them to do different things!
-Megan, age 11, Oregon

My show would be a writing competition. People would write stories. If the story was bad, the writer would be disqualified. If the story was good, the writer would move on. The winner would get to publish her own book!
-Megan, age 12, Florida

My show would have an obstacle course where contestants would get dunked in chocolate, slide down chocolate bars, and jump on jelly-bean trampolines. It would be called "The Candy Course."
-Emma Mae, age 8, Kansas

My game would be called "Travel That Country!" A contestant would go to a country and take on a quest involving the place.
-Arealla, age 12, Tennessee

My TV game show would be called "Trivia Showdown." There would be four different categories: geography, English, science, and math. Whoever answered the most questions right in each category would get a trophy, a certificate, and 100 or more dollars!
-Abigail, age 11, North Carolina

Since I love cooking, I would make a show called "Rambunctious Recipes." Four people would invent recipes, cook them, and give them to the judges. The judges would pick the dish they liked best.
-An American Girl fan, age 12, Michigan

My game would be called "Mustache Mania." On the game, contestants would be quizzed on the history of and current news about mustaches. Whoever won would earn a lifetime supply of mustache products.
-Halle, age 12, California

If I made my own TV game show, it would be a trivia game about books. You would get two minutes to read a page from a book and then would try to guess the author or title of the book. The show would feature all of the classics that most people have read. I would call it "Two Minutes for a Page." It would be so cool!
-Kanzah, age 12, Pennsylvania

My show would be called "It's All About Scarves." People would have to make dresses using only scarves and a few surprise items, such as a worn-out dress to rip apart and use. At the end, all the dresses would be styled, and the winner would get to design her own line of clothing.
-Veronica, age 11, Pennsylvania

I'd like a game in which people would have 20 minutes to go to a mall and find clothes adding up to $100. The winner would have found the most clothes without going over the $100 limit and would get to donate the clothes to charity.
-Maddy, age 11, California

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