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President You

This question is from 11-year-old Julia: “If you were elected president of the United States, what is the first thing you’d do?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would let people living in apartments have small animals. I would let them keep chickens or other small animal in their apartment.
-Holly, age 11, Connecticut

I would start an environmental campaign. My focus would be to stop littering in the United States.
-An American Girl fan

I would give all children free tickets to their favorite amusement park.
-Jocelyn, age 8, Alabama

I would try to stop stereotypes and the prejudices that take place in the United States.
-Liz, age 12, California

If I were President, I’d name a street after myself.
-Raven, age 13, Hawaii

I would create more safety laws. For example, I’d make strict laws about wearing helmets while riding bikes and motorcycles. I would also love to live in the White House.
-Lindsay, age 8, Texas

I would make sure everyone treated each other nicely. I’d also make sure everyone was kind to animals.
-Amelia, age 10, Indiana

The first thing I would do as President is explore the White House. It must be amazing!
-Natalie, age 10, California

I would make sure there weren’t any hungry or homeless people in the world.
-An American Girl fan

I would create a law that prevents the food industry from selling unhealthy food.
-Paris, age 13, California

I would make sure that all kids get at least one birthday present on their birthday.
-Sarah, age 11, Texas

If I were elected President, I’d travel to another country and learn more about their culture.
-An American Girl fan

If I were President, I’d make sure every child had a home. I would also make sure that every animal had a home. After those goals were met, I’d encourage every American to do one act of kindness for someone else.
-Stephanie, age 12, California

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