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Awesome autumn

This question is from 12-year-old Maya: “What’s your favorite thing about autumn?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I like the cool crisp air and the pretty leaves. And I love Thanksgiving, of course.
-Rebecca, age 13, Wisconsin

My favorite thing about autumn is watching the leaves change colors. My outdoor cats love to pounce on them as they blow through the yard.
-Amber, age 11, Ohio

I love when my relatives come over. My family always has an annual fall fest!
-Brooklyn, age 12, Pennsylvania

I like getting my costume ready for Halloween and playing outside with my dog.
-Deva, age 13, Missouri

I love autumn scents. My favorites are pumpkin, apple, and autumn wind.
-Sabrina, age 12, Indiana

I can’t pick one thing. I love jumping into leaves, apple cider, Thanksgiving, apple cider, seeing the leaves change colors, apple cider, cooler weather…did I mention apple cider? I love you, autumn!
-Katie-Grace, age 11, Georgia

My brother and I like to create piles of leaves. One time we tried building a leaf house. It did not work.
-Hannah, age 10, Idaho

My favorite thing about autumn is the cool weather. In Florida, the summers are extremely hot. Autumn’s cool weather is like a best friend to me. I love all the smells, sights, and time with my family.
-An American Girl fan

I love seeing the wildlife running around before winter. I especially like watching the squirrels gathering acorns.
-An American Girl fan

My favorite thing about autumn is that it’s not too hot and not too cold.
-Alena, age 10, Georgia

I live in the UK so my favorite thing is bonfire night. The whole sky is full of color, sound, excitement, and fireworks!
-Georgie, age 13, Scotland

I love going to corn mazes with my family. We pick out pumpkins and then my mom bakes the seeds and makes pumpkin pie.
-Heather, age 12, Pennsylvania

I love the smell of autumn. It’s a combination of leaves, pumpkins, and happiness.
-Lily, age 10, Maryland

Two years ago I got a wonderful puppy in fall so it’s a nice season to celebrate that. I love jumping in piles of leaves with my dog.
-Cara, age 12, North Carolina

Pumpkin spice lattes.
-Emma, age 13, California

I love the crunch of fallen leaves when I walk home from school.
-Aubrielle, age 8, Colorado

My favorite thing about autumn is the food. We enjoy pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds. Autumn food rocks.
-Lila, age 10, California

My favorite thing about autumn is playing soccer. I absolutely love sports so autumn is my favorite season—it’s the perfect weather for running around.
-Anna, age 13, Washington

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