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Party Time

This question is from 8-year-old Brin: “If you could throw any kind of birthday party, what would it be? What would you do? Describe it!”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would have a slumber party and pool party. We would swim and then eat ice cream cake. The best part would be sleeping in tents outside.
-Elise, age 11, Wisconsin

I love singing and dancing, so I would throw a talent-show birthday party. It would be so exciting.
-Julie, age 13, Washington

My perfect party would be at a roller-skating rink near my home. I love to skate. I would invite a few of my close friends, and we would have so much fun.
-Kienyen, age 11, California

My dream birthday party would be star-themed. I’d hang up paper stars everywhere and dim the lights. When it was dark outside, my friends and I would each get our own telescope and go stargazing!
-Brianne, age 13, South Dakota

I would stay at a fancy hotel with my friends and family. The hotel would have a ginormous pool and dozens of waterslides. It would be amazing!
-An American Girl fan

It would be so fun to hold a book party. Guests would come in costumes as their favorite book characters, and then we would all try to guess which character each person dressed up as. There would be a book-shaped cake, and everyone would get a new book to take home.
-Sarinia, age 12, Oregon

I would have a cat party. There would be a cat-themed scavenger hunt and cat facts everywhere. I love cats.
-Camryn, age 10, Nebraska

I would have a space party. We would ride on a rocket ship to the moon and have a sleepover there. Cool!
-Emma, age 10, Oklahoma

My dream birthday party would be on a dolphin cruise. I have gone on this cruise before and had a great time! We would ride on the ship and watch dolphins swim and jump into the air!
-Isabella, age 11, Alabama

I’d have a fashion party. All of my friends would get to pick out their dream outfit. The cake would be shaped like a perfume bottle. We would also go to a fashion show.
-Anna, age 10, New York

I wish that hover boards existed, because we could ride on them at my birthday party. A hover board is a cool skateboard that can fly. Everyone would have so much fun playing on them.
-Talyn, age 8, Texas

My dream birthday party would be amazing. We would hike up a mountain, swim in a natural hot spring, and go zip lining!
-Emma, age 9, Maryland

My birthday is coming up soon! I’m going to a roller derby match and then having a sleepover with my friends.
-Zoe, age 9, Texas

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