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My Movie

This question is from 12-year-old Trinity: “If you were to star in a movie, what would the plot of the movie be? Would it be a comedy? Adventure? Drama? What would happen?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would be in a comedy. It would be about a young spy who travels everywhere. She’s not a spy in the beginning, so she has to figure things out without asking for help.
-Athena, age 11, New Hampshire

It would a movie set in the 1800s. My family’s crops would be ruined by a storm, and we would have to work together to survive.
-Emily, age 11, Oklahoma

It would be about a girl with a superpower. She would be able to make clouds and learn how to control them. I’d be the main character.
-An American Girl fan

I’d be in a movie about girls in middle school. It would focus on friendships, but there would definitely be some drama.
-Rachel, age 12, Pennsylvania

I’d star in a movie about two best friends traveling the world. It would be a comedy and the funniest things would happen to them.
-Maddie, age 10, Illinois

If I were to star in a film, it would be about a girl and all of her adventures. All of my friends and family would have parts in the film, too.
-Emily, age 12, Florida

I would be in an action movie. I’d play a scientist who cures diseases. I’d even stop crimes in the city, using my science knowledge.
-Crimson, age 12, Iowa

I’d star in a movie with my two best friends. We would be in an action film where we can explore caves and jungles. We would also swim in the ocean and sleep under the stars.
-Allie, age 11, Washington

I’d be a funny sidekick in a movie about the investigation of a crime. The main character would be very serious, but I’d be goofy. It would be a funny film.
-Gracie, age 9, North Carolina

I would be in a movie about a girl moving to a new school. The main character would be paired with the popular girl at school. In the movie, the popular girl thinks that the new girl is really weird, but they eventually become best friends.
-Ruthie, age 10, New Jersey

I’d be in an adventure movie. It would be about a little girl’s favorite stuffed animal being stolen. The main character would go on an adventure to try and find her little sister’s stuffed animal. There would be goblins and it would take place in a fairyland.
-Genevieve, age 12, Ohio

As fun as it would be to star in a movie, I’d much rather be behind the scenes. I’d like to write the script and also direct the film. It would be really cool to decide what happens and how things happen in the film.
-Penelope, age 11, New York

My movie would be about two girls living in New York City. Their dream is to be on Broadway. They try out for a play, and one of them gets the lead. However, the other girl doesn’t even get a part. The movie would be a drama.
-Zellie, age 12, California

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