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Dream job

This question is from 10-year-old Merida: “What is your future dream job?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would like to be an animal biologist so that I could figure out how to save an endangered species.
-Mia, age 11, Canada

I want to be the first female president of the United States.
-Emma, age 10, North Carolina

I’d like to be an explorer. I would find beautiful tropical islands.
-Anna, age 9, Australia

I want to work for the CIA. I would dress in black all the time and go on missions.
-Hope, age 8, California

I want to save the rain forest. My job would be to help injured animals and prevent people from cutting down trees.
-Natasha, age 12, California

I want to be a teacher. I would let the kids take their shoes off in class and move their desks around however they’d like. I’d be a really cool teacher.
-Ruby, age 10, California

There are a lot of future jobs that sound great. My number-one dream job is to be a pro soccer player on the United States women’s soccer team. That would be a dream come true.
-Rylee, age 10, Texas

My dream job is to be an architect. I really like to build, sculpt, and design things so this would be perfect for me.
-Maggie, age 11, Canada

I would be a baker and a lawyer. Justice and yummy frosting go together perfectly.
-Jordan, age 11, Texas

I’d like to be a neurologist. A neurologist is a doctor who works with the brain and nervous system. I’d also love to teach a class to college students.
-Emmalyn, age 11, Michigan

My future dream job would be a history teacher. I want others to learn all about people like George Washington and Helen Keller.
-Julia, age 9, New York

My future dream job is to be an artist. I could always express my creativity.
-Avery, age 9, Virginia

I want to be a scientist who studies extraterrestrial life. I would travel to other planets and search for microorganisms. I would send messages to aliens and then speak at conferences.
-Anora, age 10, California

I want to be a famous author and change the world with my words. That would be so amazing.
-Ella, age 12, Pennsylvania

My dream job would be a fashion designer. I love sewing and fashion. It would be really fun to design Irish dance costumes. I’d love to have my own brand.
-Natalie, age 13, New York

My future dream job is to be a news anchor on a political news station. I like to give my opinion on today’s society and I’d be very knowledgeable about our government.
-Ava, age 12, Pennsylvania

I want to work in the field of advertising. I’d love to create commercials for businesses.
-Jacqueline, age 13, California

My dream job is to be an arborist. I’d be a scientist who studies trees and helps to save forests.
-Amelia, age 10, Colorado

I’d like to be an astronaut and go to the moon.
-Kaylie, age 10, Texas

I would like to be an Olympic gymnast. But I don’t know how to do gymnastics. I should learn.
-Andrea, age 8, Michigan

I would like to be an oceanographer. It would be so cool to go diving and see all the coral, fish, and ocean mammals!
-Allison, age 12, Missouri

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