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Chatty Pets

This question is from 9-year-old Teagan: “If your pet could talk, what do you think it would say? Be specific!”

These girls shared their thoughts:

My dog Bandit is very hyper and enthusiastic. He also loves to meet new people. If he could talk, he would say, “Oh! Yay! A treat! Oh! We’re going on a walk? Yay! Oh, pet me!”
-Rachel, age 11, Texas

I have a fish. I think it’s safe to say life is boring for him. He would say, “All I do is swim around in the same bowl, see the same things, and eat the same food. I wish I were a dog.” It would be so freaky to hear him say that.
-An American Girl fan

My 12-week-old kitten would probably say, “Attack the feet!” She loves to attack.
-Emily, age 11, Oklahoma

I live on a farm, so I have lots of pets. I think my dog would say, “Hey, can I drive the car?”
-An American Girl fan

My cat would say, “You are my favorite person. Can you feed me and rub my belly?”
-Marie, age 13, Montana

My guinea pigs would say, “I want more treats.” They are always begging for treats.
-Maya, age 9, California

My cat wants to sleep all the time. He would say, “Be quiet and leave me alone.”
-Elizabeth, age 12, Michigan

I wish my rabbit would say, “You’re a great owner. I love you”. But she is so greedy. She would ask for more food.
-An American Girl fan

My dog Houston would say, “I’m sorry.” He gets into trouble all the time.
-Mila, age 12, Florida

My fish would say, “I’m bored. What are these weird plastic rock things on the bottom of my bowl? Who is this diver guy? He’s not very talkative.”
-Morgan, age 12, Indiana

My dog is very relaxed and lazy. I think he would say, “Peace, dude.”
-An American Girl fan

Sometimes I dress my guinea pigs in baby doll clothes. Each one of them would probably say, “Why are you doing this to me?” I don’t think they like when I dress them up.
-Lillian, age 9, South Carolina

Most pets would say things like “Feed me” or “Pet me,” but Chester would say, “I love you.” All animals deserve respect, and if we love them, they’ll love us back.
-Chloe, age 12, Virginia

My cat would say, “Stop putting hair bows on me.”
-Raye, age 10, Michigan

My dog would probably say, “I’ll love you forever, even though times are tough right now.”
-Anna, age 12, Minnesota

My grumpy old horse would say, “Get off my back. What do you think I am, a truck? You’re heavy.”
-Cierra, age 12, Montana

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