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Starting School

This question is from 11-year-old Lindsay: “What do you look forward to most about the start of the school year?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I look forward to the fact that a new school year means a fresh start.
-Nicole, age 9, California

My favorite thing is fall. I love the smells and sights. Going back to school makes me feel so happy.
-Riley, age 11, Michigan

Everything—but mostly being able to figure out problems with my brain.
-Rebecca, age 11, Minnesota

I look forward to meeting new friends and teachers. I’m nervous but I know that once I get used to my new routine, I’ll love it!
-Talia, age 11, California

I look forward to my acting, sewing, art, and choir classes.
-Bethanne, age 10, Missouri

That’s a tough question! I look forward to seeing my friends and learning new things. I’m going to try to make the most of this year.
-Ava, age 12, Vermont

I’m going to middle school, so this is a chance for me to make lots of new friends. Plus, I get a locker and can decorate it however I’d like!
-Amanda, age 10, Connecticut

I can’t wait for the games we play at the beginning of the year.
-Stacy, age 11, Alabama

I look forward to seeing my friends and exchanging stories about our summers.
-Maya, age 12, Ohio

I’m home-schooled so I look forward to the fun activities my mom plans for me. Sometimes she takes me to the zoo when we’re studying science. I learn more about different animals and then come home and write about them.
-Alice, age 10, California

I look forward to getting straight A’s and becoming the class president.
-Jazmin, age 8, New York

I look forward to finding out who my new teacher is and seeing who is in my class.
-Kristen, age 12, Canada

I like opening a clean, brand-new book.
-Meg, age 11, Arkansas

I love organizing all of my supplies at the beginning of the school year. I really look forward to learning the new material. I love school.
-Ava, age 12, Pennsylvania

I love everything about school. It would be too hard to choose one thing.
-Katie, age 10, Virginia

I look forward to all the new things: new clothes, new supplies, new classes, new teachers, and a new start.
-Kensie, age 12, Idaho

I love decorating my locker to express my style. I’ll spell my name with neon animal-print letters and use a neon locker rug. Then I’m going to put up paint-splatter wallpaper and a star-shaped dry erase board. I can’t wait!
-Cassidy, age 12, Maryland

I love doing activities with my homeschooling group, especially gym, geography, and art.
-Amelia, age 9, Indiana

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