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Savvy Stores

This question is from 11-year-old Sara: “If you could create your own store, what would it be called? What would you sell?”

These girls shared their thoughts:

I would call my store Outdoors. It would be designed to look like a forest. The ceiling would be painted like the sky. I would sell everything you need for being outdoors.
-Annie, age 12, Maryland

I would own a little sewing shop where I’d teach basic sewing skills. I’d call it Sew Basic.
-Niamh, age 12, Massachusetts

I would sell shirts at my store. Once you bought a shirt and put it on, you would get a superpower! I would call my store Super Shirts.
-Bright, age 8, Tennessee

I would call my store the Pennsylvania Writing Store. There would be notebooks, diaries, and even fancy pens and pencils!
-Cayla, age 8, Pennsylvania

My store would be called Give Back Love. It would be a fair trade store. That means that the items are made sustainably in other countries. At my store, all the profits would return to the people who made them.
-Bailey, age 13, Michigan

I would create a store called Camryn’s Creative Creations or the Triple C. I would sell goods I made and services I can provide (I’m great at napkin folding). Also, the money I made would be split—half would go to a charity, and I would keep the other half.
-Camryn, age 12, New York

My store would be called Sporty Gals. I would sell swimsuits, dance shoes, leotards, tennis rackets, and lots more.
-An American Girl fan

Ice Cream Creations is what I’d call my store. There would be 25 flavors along with cake and pie options. There would be 50 toppings and 3 sizes of cones or cups.
-Anora, age 10, California

I’d create a store called Be You. I would sell inspirational merchandise—such as shirts that say “You Rock!”
-Amy, age 11, New Zealand

I would sell custom-made ballet supplies such as shoes, leotards, and tutus. It would be called the Tuturrific Ballet Store.
-Lina, age 8, Florida

I would create a store called the Savvy Spork. I’d sell unique clothing and accessories along with used books and old records. And maybe I’d sell frozen yogurt, too.
-Mary, age 13, Massachusetts

Puppy Paw would be the name of my store. I’d sell dog treats and all kinds of dogs.
-Britney, age 11, Arizona

If I could create my own store I’d create Caitlin’s Cancer Care. I would sell hats, wigs, and jewelry. The profits made would go toward cancer research.
-Caitlin, age 10, Arizona

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