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Josefina 3-Book Boxed Set

Ages: 8+
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    Girls can take an adventure with Josefina Montoya in this three-book boxed set. They'll discover what life was like growing up with three sisters on a rancho in sunny New Mexico, how a very special visitor teaches fun and interesting new things, and how a big idea saves the rancho after a storm! They'll learn about the comfort of holding onto treasured traditions and memories while making new ones, and find out how a girl discovers her dream by taking care of a baby goat. Then they can travel back in time with Josefina in an exciting adventure story that lets them choose what happens next! This three-book set includes: Josefina's complete collection of stories: Sunlight and Shadows: A Josefina Classic 1, Second Chances: A Josefina Classic 2, and Song of the Mockingbird: My Journey with Josefina.

    SKU #: DGF10
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