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American Girl Second Chances: A Josefina Classic 2

Second Chances: A Josefina Classic 2

Ages: 8+
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    When Josefina tends an orphaned baby goat, she makes a wonderful discovery: She has a gift for healing. But when a friend is in danger, will Josefina be able to think fast enough to save the day? And will she find the courage and creativity to mend her family’s broken trust in an americano trader? Most important of all, can she find a way to keep her family whole and happy when Tía Dolores plans to leave the rancho?

    This second volume of Josefina’s classic stories tells how Josefina’s deep faith and shining hope help lead her family to a brighter future. 168 pages. Paperback. Author: Valerie Tripp. Ages 8+

    SKU #: BKL09