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American Girl Kaya's Tepee and Bedroll

Kaya’s Tepee and Bedroll

Ages: 8+
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  • Product Features

    Kaya’s people traveled with the seasons, so tepees were homes designed to be packed up and moved easily. This set includes:

    • A tepee with poles and a faux-leather covering
    • A pretend fire pit that lights up and makes “crackling” sounds
    • Two tule mats to decorate the entrance
    • A faux buffalo hide to sleep on
    • A pretend elk-hide blanket
    • A tule mat that goes underneath the hides to keep her dry
    • A soft, furry pillow

    • Cannot be gift wrapped.
    • Fire pit requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

    • Sorry, this item cannot be shipped outside the US or Canada.
    SKU #: BKF78
    • Adult assembly required; instructions included.
    • W: 37" x H: 32" x D: 37" (US)
    • W: 94 cm x H: 81.3 x D: 94 cm (metric)
    • American Girl's company name and address, plus the product description, will appear on the shipping box.

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