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American Girl Madeleine Set
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  • American Girl Madeleine Set

American Girl Madeleine Set

Ages: 8+
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    Madeleines are little French sponge cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious—and they’re easy to bake with these special tools created in partnership with Williams-Sonoma®.

    You and your girl can use this pan to bake the golden, shell-shaped cakelets, then use the sifter to sprinkle them with powdered sugar after they’ve cooled. Arrange them in tissue-lined boxes decorated with colorful twine and stickers to surprise friends with homemade treats.

    The set includes a 12-well nonstick madeleine baking plaque, sugar sifter, and six gift boxes, plus tissue paper, twine, and stickers for decorating.

    SKU #: DTD79