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Bitty's Washer & Dryer Set for Girls

Item #DRK35


Ages: 3+

Bitty Baby’s clothes can stay neat and tidy with this sweet laundry room set! It features:

  • A wooden pretend washer/dryer with doors that open, knobs that turn, a towel rack, a fold-down ironing board, and a to-do list on the side
  • Pretend laundry soap and spray bottle to get everything sparkling clean
  • Pretend dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling fresh
  • A pink dotted laundry basket to keep everything together
  • A pretend iron
  • A pretty floral hamper
  • Four hangers perfectly sized for Bitty Baby’s outfits

Please note:

  • Cannot be gift wrapped.
  • Sorry, this item cannot be shipped outside the US or Canada.

American Girl's company name and address, plus the product description, will appear on the shipping box.


  • W: 18.5" x H: 23" x D: 13.7" (US)
  • W: 47 cm x H: 58.5 cm x D: 35 cm (metric)
Build ID: LP_PROD_MASTER_BUILD_DEPLOY-LP_PS_1072_2017-04-25_21-14-13