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Medium skin, curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes

Item #F1261


Ages: 8-12

No longer available
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    Important Information: Recommended for girls 8 and up. American Girl reserves the right to modify, restrict access to, or discontinue at any time, in its sole discretion, without prior notice.

Choosing her features is only the start of the fun! With a My American Girl® doll, your girl can select outfits and accessories to create a doll with whatever interests and personality she likes—her doll becomes whomever she wants her to be! This doll is 18" tall, with hazel eyes, medium skin, and curly dark brown hair—and she’s ready to become a best friend. Includes:

  • An 18" doll with a huggable cloth body, eyes that open and close, hair that can be styled, and a movable head and limbs made of smooth vinyl
  • A True Spirit Outfit: a pink tee with tone-on-tone print, a flared skirt with a double-ribbon belt, pink underwear, and tall boots
  • A charm-keeper necklace to hold her collectible charms
  • Codes that give your girl full access to online play at a fun, enriching, safe online world created just for girls and their My American Girl® dolls

Care Details

A doll hair pick works best with this doll's hair.

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