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Kaya's Foods

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Ages: 8+

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While the men were off hunting, the main job of gathering and preparing food in Kaya's Nez Perce village fell to the women. As they traveled to new places with the seasons, the women dried and prepared salmon and camas root, so the tribe would always have enough. Help Kaya prepare a meal with this set that includes:

  • A woven basket with a colorful carrying strap used for gathering food
  • A variety of pretend foods including berries, camas roots, dried salmon, and mashed camas to make into finger cakes
  • Pretend huckleberry branches to cover the food for safekeeping
  • A faux horn bowl to prepare foods and a tule mat for serving

Build ID: LP_PROD_MASTER_BUILD_DEPLOY-LP_PS_1072_2017-04-25_21-14-13