Mom holding daughter and Bitty Baby doll
Mom holding daughter and Bitty Baby doll
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Brutally honest truths from our preschoolers that have us seeing ourselves

By American Girl Aug. 20, 2020

Once you have a toddler over the age of 2, you learn really quickly that every single thing you say and do — the good, the bad, and the snarky — will be reflected back to you. Kids filter NOTHING.

And there’s no bigger, better-lit mirror than watching your daughter with her baby doll. When I was a kid, I remember dragging my American Girl doll into all sorts of “best friend” scenarios. I was at my most unfiltered with her and my mom recalls overhearing hilarious snippets of my dialogue with her.

It’s clear that my daughter feels the same closeness with her Bitty Baby from American Girl. Baby dolls offer nurturing, imaginative play for our girls — it’s a chance for them to explore compassion, empathy, and care. It’s also an opportunity for us to know what we really sound and act like as moms. Watch your preschooler with her baby doll. Sometimes the things I hear stop me in my tracks and it’s all I can do to hide my laughter

“It’s too early to wake up”

...followed by “Mommy was up very late last night and she needs a few more minutes in bed, OK?” But she drew out that “okaaaaaAAAAy??” at such an annoying pitch that there’s no way it sounds like me, right? Right?!

“We do not play with our food”

So I guess Bitty Baby was — air quotes — putting cereal on her head. Luckily the cereal that “she” put on there was easily washed off. She got cleaned up once my daughter finished her lecture on why we don’t play with food.

"You get what you get and you don't get upset"

She was pretending to be on a shopping trip and her baby was crying and whining about not getting something she wanted. When I heard her little stern voice telling her baby to stop whining, maybe I should have been embarrassed. But honestly? I wanted to fist-bump her like, “That’s RIGHT!”

“That is not appropriate!”

It actually sounded more like “uh-POE-pee-it!” I don’t know if this was Baby because Baby was jumping on the couch, saying a not-nice word, or drinking juice that’s only for mommies. But whatever it was, Baby seemed to get the message.


I mean, who says toothpaste can’t be part of a skincare routine, right? My daughter planned a mommy-and-me spa day for her and her baby. I guess when she saw the toothpaste, she figured “good enough!” Note to self: only super positive mirror comments from now on!

“I'm counting to three. Onnnneee…”

This is one I’ve heard, uh, several times. The best is when she tries counting down from 10. She’s basically inventing a new number system.

“I need you to be very quiet while Mommy is on her video call”

This was in front of the TV she was subbing in for a laptop. Bitty Baby got several snacks and a few whispered shushes. Do I even need to mention that she was pantsless?


This is in response to her baby “waking up” after an extremely short nap. Well, well, well, look how the tables turn, huh?

"You just had a snack"

I would like to note that while she seems to understand that there is such a thing as too many snacks, it sure hasn’t slowed down her own requests. On the other hand, not exactly being a great role model over here as I work on breakfast-dessert.

"Gimme 5 minutes"

I’ve heard this one a few times, too. And I’m willing to bet at least once it was in response to her baby wanting to show her something “hilarious” on YouTube about 40 times in a row.

“What an *&&^%$#)!”

Welp. It was bound to happen at some point, right? She was pushing her baby in the stroller. When an imaginary driver didn’t stop to let them cross the street, it was like she was channeling... me.

“Is it on sale?”

“No? Well, we’re not getting it so put it back.” YESSS. Way to stay within your budget, sweet girl!


Like a literal growl. She growled while she struggled to get the snaps lined up on baby’s sleeper. Do I do this? There’s no way I do this. I don’t growl. Do I?

"All. Mommies. Poop!"

What? This was just shouted. To her baby. In the wild! FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

“I love you like fish love water."

This. This is how she tucks her baby in to sleep each night. Seeing her tenderly “read” a story, sing a bedtime song, and reassure her baby she’ll be there in the morning? Wow. Sometimes we get a sweet reminder that they’re always paying attention – and they want to be just like us.

She doesn’t know she’ll always be your baby. We won’t tell her if you don’t. Bitty Baby™ from American Girl celebrates the love, laughter, and play that bond mommies of all ages and babies everywhere. Shop and learn more about Bitty Babies at

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