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DIY Gifts to Make & Share


The time spent making these sweet, spirit-of-the-season crafts and gifts with your girl will warm your heart. Be inspired and have some fun with these ideas from American Girl magazine, then pass that joy along by making a few extras to give to someone who least expects it.

Snowy snack

Snowy Snack

These sweet snowpeople are sure to bring a smile.

  • 1. Wrap a granola or protein bar in plain white paper. 
    Secure with tape.
  • 2. Use markers to draw a snow face.
  • 3. Add a felt hat and scarf.
DIY Cup Cozy Cozee

Cozy Cozee

Make a snug sleeve that hugs your favorite cup.
Tape a long piece of yarn to the inside of a cardboard cup sleeve. Wrap the yarn around the cup sleeve, pulling it through the sleeve and around again.
Continue to wrap the yarn around the sleeve until the entire cardboard surface is covered.
Secure the end of the yarn inside the sleeve with a piece of duct tape. Add fabric embellishments using adhesive dots or tie a pretty bow around the wrapped sleeve to add some extra flair. Slip the sleeve over your cup or give it to a parent or teacher as a present!

DIY Holiday Picture Frames

Snowy Scenes

Turn plain frames into winter scenes. For each, choose a clear plastic frame that’s larger than your photo. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper the same size as the frame. Attach the photo to the paper with double-stick tape, and slide it inside the frame. Cut out a snowdrift shape from white glitter felt and attach it to the front of the frame with glue. Finish with sequins.

DIY Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards

Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards

For this craft, you’ll need blank greeting cards and washi tape. Make the cards from colored paper or find premade blank cards at craft stores. Washi tape is also called “paper tape” and can be found at craft stores or in the office supplies section at discount stores. It’s also easy to remove. Copy festive designs from your favorite seasonal decorations, or create your own signature patterns. If you make a mistake or want to redo a design, slowly peel the tape from the paper. Finish with a hand-lettered message from the heart!

DIY Craft Holiday Mugs

Merry Mugs

Fill a cute mug with hot cocoa supplies: a pack of cocoa mix, a tiny whisk, a peppermint stick, or other sweet treats. Try:

  • Candy canes
  • A bag of mini marshmallows
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • A small bag of sprinkles
  • A pretty stirring stick
  • Chocolate chips

Add a heartfelt tag that lists the ingredients within, and tie it on with a pretty ribbon.

Adapted from American Girl magazine, November/December and Holiday issues, 2014-2017. © 2017 American Girl. All American Girl marks are trademarks of American Girl.

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