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Celebrating Girlhood


How we are making girls the center of everything we do

You may know us for our dolls, but since its founding in 1986, American Girl has devoted its entire business to celebrating girls. Girlhood is at the heart of everything we do, and the following are just a few fun examples.

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Embracing what makes each girl one of a kind

Embracing what makes each girl one of a kind title

From the beginning, our goal has been to create characters with stories that act as both mirrors and windows—giving girls an opportunity to see a direct reflection of themselves, or a chance to learn about a life or culture that may be very different from their own.

We want girls to be proud of what makes them special, and we're delighted to provide so many doll choices for girls—featuring different skin tones, face molds, eye colors, hair styles and textures, plus hundreds of accessories and stories. It’s all about highlighting a girl’s individuality, special style, and the countless qualities that make her special.

For girls with more unique circumstances, we’re happy to offer dolls without hair for girls who may be dealing with permanent or temporary hair loss, and several other specialized items, such as hearing aids, a service-dog set, a blood-sugar testing kit, eyeglasses, and a wheelchair.

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Making the world a brighter place

American Girl has a long-standing commitment to helping children and families in need. We’re proud to support a wide range of causes and issues affecting millions of individuals, such as literacy, poverty, homelessness, natural disasters, and illness, to name just a few. To date, American Girl has donated more than $100 million in dolls, books, clothes, and cash to countless charities nationwide.


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Creating special memories

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We love that beyond our products, American Girl stores offer a place where girls can come together and let their imaginations soar. In addition to pampering her doll at the Doll Hair Salon, bonding with family over a meal in the Cafe, and customizing clothing in the Truly Me™ Signature Studio, special events allow her to take a cooking class, have a book signed by a favorite author, or spend time learning about one of the characters she loves.


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Educating Entertaining and Inspiring

We want to be there for girls every step of the way—as they begin to read, start school, face issues about friends and family, and dream about setting off on their own adventures. Content is key on this quest, and American Girl has received more than 300 awards and honors from the most prestigious book, parenting, toy, and retail award programs in the country.


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