A country with character!

American Girl’s Most-Searched Characters, State-by-State

These United States offer a wonderful assortment of styles, tastes, preferences, foods, dialects, histories, and stories—so it’s really no wonder that different American Girl characters have appealed to different states in different ways! We looked at a variety of search and story criteria to discover the most frequently searched historical and contemporary characters in each state.

A country with character!
AK Kit
AL Luciana
AR Maryellen
AZ Nanea
CA Julie
CO Rebecca
CT Julie
DE Tenney
FL Melody
GA Tenney
HI Nanea
IA Luciana
ID Nanea
IL Luciana
IN Gabriela
KS Tenney
KY Julie
LA Julie
MA Logan
MD Gabriela
ME Nanea
MI Melody
MN Gabriela
Mo Tenney
MS Julie
MT Nanea
NC Tenney
ND Julie
NE Kit
NH Nanea
NJ Gabriela
NM Josefina
NV Nanea
NY Kaya
OH Tenney
OK Kit
OR Rebecca
PA Gabriela
RI Nanea
SC Kit
SD Samantha
TN Tenney
TX Luciana
UT Kit
VA Tenney
VT Julie
WA Rebecca
WI Rebecca
WV Julie
WY Tenney

This map was created using a comparison of site-search and web-search data with specific character storylines and points of interest considered.