Yoga is good for your—and your girl’s—body, mind, and spirit! Do these animal-inspired poses together to help you both feel settled and strong. Take two to four slow, deep breaths all the way in and all the way out while doing each pose.

Down Dog

Down dog

  • Push tailbone up to the sky
  • Hands flat on the floor
  • Head between arms, don’t let it hang down limp
  • Stretch heels down toward floor


  • Neck stretched
  • Tops of feet pressed to floor
  • Pull back shoulders
  • Thighs on floor



  • Hands flat on the floor
  • Tail bone lifted up to the sky
  • Look up, like you’re about to “Moo!” to the sky
  • Knees on the floor


  • This pose looks like a cat stretching its back!
  • Move your chin toward your chest (but don’t force it—it doesn’t need to touch!)
  • Arch your back, rounding it, and lifting it to the sky


Step one

  • Keep spine straight and hips facing forward
  • Put one leg in front of you
  • Back foot points out

Step two

  • Lean forward
  • Stretch arms out in front
  • Lay down head on ground if it’s comfortable
  • Relax


  • Push tailbone up to sky
  • Keep your spine straight and long
  • Hands, arms, and elbows flat to floor
  • Push down on heels, weight on toes


  • Lean forward and let your head hang
  • It’s okay if your legs aren’t perfectly straight; it takes practice!
  • Slip hands under your toes (if you can comfortably reach) and hold this position

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Excerpted from American Girl magazine, March/April 2018. ©2018 American Girl.