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Beyond Downward Dog: Yoga Poses for Kids


Animal Yoga Poses 

Down Dog

Down Dog

  • Push tailbone up to the sky
  • Hands flat on the floor
  • Head between arms, don’t let it hang down limp
  • Stretch heels down toward floor


  • Neck stretched
  • Tops of feet pressed to floor
  • Pull back shoulders
  • Thighs on floor

cat cow


  • Hands flat on the floor
  • Tail bone lifted up to the sky
  • Look up, like you’re about to “Moo!” to the sky
  • Knees on the floor


  • This pose looks like a cat stretching its back!
  • Move your chin toward your chest (but don’t force it—it doesn’t need to touch!)
  • Arch your back, rounding it, and lifting it to the sky


Step one

  • Keep spine straight and hips facing forward
  • Put one leg in front of you
  • Back foot points out

Step two

  • Lean forward
  • Stretch arms out in front
  • Lay down head on ground if it’s comfortable
  • Relax


  • Push tailbone up to sky
  • Keep your spine straight and long
  • Hands, arms, and elbows flat to floor
  • Push down on heels, weight on toes


  • Lean forward and let your head hang
  • It’s okay if your legs aren’t perfectly straight; it takes practice!
  • Slip hands under your toes (if you can comfortably reach) and hold this position


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Excerpted from American Girl magazine, March/April 2018. ©2018 American Girl.

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