Celebrating Girlhood

It's a simple truth, and a proven one: inspiring your girl’s creativity is the key to her growth. As much as you want to, you can’t be with your girl at all times; so how can you help her achieve this success on her own? She’ll grow so quickly during these crucial years, and it’s up to you to keep her excited, engaged, and energized so that she can develop to her fullest. Aside from your engagement and support, the very best way that she can stimulate this growth on her own is through play.

In addition to being a creative outlet, the act of play will nourish your girl’s cognitive development, thought processes, and deductive reasoning. To achieve this growth, construction sets have proven to be, as a play tool, one of the very best ways to stimulate your girl’s development. This style of play can benefit your girl in lots of different ways, be it through developing patience and focus, improved motor skills, or by extending her storytelling abilities. She’ll likely find it to be all fun and games, but the bonus is that there’s actually a lot of learning and development involved in this play process, as well. Below are just a few of the benefits of engaging your girl with construction play!


Building Imagination

The ability to create whatever kids’ minds can wildly imagine is a big benefit to building-block sets. To you, blocks may be just that, but to your girl, they’re used to create new environments like a schoolhouse, stables, a theater stage, or a bakery. The more play she does this way, the more her imagination will blossom.

Creating Stories

Just as construction sets build imagination, storytelling sparks creativity. Storytelling is a communication skill that can be nurtured from building set play patterns; the stories that your girl creates give her the confidence to interact socially, a quality that will carry through from the home to the classroom and beyond. As a creative storyteller, your girl will learn leadership skills to connect with, inspire, and motivate her peers.

Following Directions

While imaginative play requires little to no instructions, as she grows older, girls may enjoy the challenge that comes from projects with multiple steps. The visual cues help her to follow along from beginning to end, understanding how parts become a whole. Construction sets provide a unique opportunity to cultivate her perception, and sharpen her insightfulness.

Fueling Social Interaction

Building blocks are great for independent play, with some children playing for hours on their own. But these toys are also the perfect tool for more imaginative role-playing games, where made-up characters and stories become the back-and-forth theme shared between friends. American Girl® Mega Bloks® provide story starters in each set that allow your girl to build the stories she already loves, or create brand-new ones.

Solving Problems

Trial and error is another way children learn, and done often enough, curiosity can be the basis of strong problem-solving skills. As she experiments with new combinations and patterns of construction blocks, your girl will experience accidental discovery that will be useful to her in other moments when problem- solving is needed, allowing her to investigate and explore the “What if” questions that come as she constructs.

Expanding Self-Expression

Not being bound by rules is an exciting part of playtime, and one that allows imaginations to run wild. As your girl sets off on these creative "adventures," she begins to explore the patterns and styles that are more pleasing to her. Soon that will translate into a form of self-expression that can help to boost her confidence, building a strong character and outgoing personality.


Construction sets can nurture your girl’s growing curiosity to learn, helping to build an imaginative escape for her, one that’s based on education and fun. American Girl tells stories about many girls, and Mega Bloks’ construction sets let your girl make them her own. So, whether she’s building to relive her favorite story moments or create her very own new ones, she will be creating an immersive storytelling experience that provides learning she can use for life. Look for our new Mega Blok products at Toys “R” Us!