Scare up some fun with these cute and clever Halloween costumes
Roller Derby Dreamer
  • To make roller skates, attach four beads to the bottom of doll shoes using adhesive dots. Add one smaller bead to the toe of the shoe for a toe stop.
  • Use colorful baby crew socks for thigh-highs. Cut the ribbed part of the baby socks off to make elbow and knee pads.
  • Fashion a helmet by covering a small plastic bowl with a black stocking sock, gluing the edges inside the bowl. Cut small pieces of ribbon to attach inside the bowl and strap around the doll’s head.
  • Use stick-on letters on a T-shirt to give your girl’s doll a fun roller derby name.
Delightful Dancer
  • Slip your girl’s doll into a leotard and tights. For a skirt, wrap a 12-inch fringe strip and a 12-inch ribbon around the doll’s waist, and hold both together in back with a mini hair claw clip.
  • To make a hairpiece, cut an 8-inch netting square. Gather the netting in the middle, and attach it to the side of the doll’s head with a girl-sized barrette.
Singing Sensation
  • Cut a guitar shape out of scrapbook paper and draw on strings. Use a colorful ribbon for a guitar strap.
  • To make a mic, wrap a thread spool with silver duct tape. Connect 2 silver unsharpened pencils together end to end with the tape. Push one end of the pencil pole into the spool hole, and slip a marker cap on the other end.