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A Steady Glow: Let the Light of Hanukkah Shine with a DIY Luminaria


The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah reminds us that “a little light pushes away a lot of darkness.” Celebrate the eight-day Festival of Lights with your family, friends, and neighbors by crafting these glowing luminarias together.

Glowing Luminarias


  • a plain glass candleholder or vase
  • tissue paper
  • clear-drying craft glue
  • scissors
  • foam brush
  • battery-powered tea light


Before you begin, cover your work surface. Cut small squares of tissue paper, enough to cover the entire surface of your candle holder or vase. Working on a small section at a time, use a foam brush to coat the outside of the glass with glue. Before it dries, cover the glue with overlapping tissue paper squares. Then move on to the next small section and repeat the process.

Once the whole surface is covered, use the foam brush to apply a layer of glue over all the tissue paper. Let dry completely before handling.

Once dry, use a battery-powered tea light to make your luminaria glow.

Excerpted from American Girl magazine, November/December 2018.
© 2018 American Girl. All American Girl marks are trademarks of American Girl.

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