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Creating Perfect Paper Petals: A How-To Guide


Paper flowers make a striking arrangement, yet they are also beautiful all on their own. Experiment with paper size, weight, print, and color to see what combinations you like best.

For each flower, you’ll need 5 pieces of square paper—one for each petal. Make flowers in different sizes for a beautiful bouquet. For larger flowers, use larger paper: 12" x 12" paper or larger makes for the most magnificent blooms! Just make sure all 5 sheets are the same size.



For each folded flower, you will need:

5 paper squares • adhesive dotes • liquid craft glue • paper clips • lollipop sticks (optional)

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Rotate a square piece of paper into a diamond shape. Fold the bottom half up. 


Fold the left and right points in toward the top center point to form a diamond shape.  


Fold the top left point in half diagonally toward the left side. Fold the top right point in half diagonally toward the right side.


Unfold each side. Pop folded portions open; then press along the fold in each side to flatten into kite shapes, as pictured.


Fold the top point of each kite shape down toward you.


Fold the kite shapes in half toward the center point.


Attach the folded corners together with adhesive dots to create a cone shape. Repeat all steps 4 more times to create a total of 5 petals.


Line the outside edges of the petals with glue. Secure petals together with paper clips to form the flower. Let dry. Remove paper clips.


Bonus step: if desired, add stems to your flowers with adhesive dots and lollipop sticks.


pretty in paper

Excerpted and adapted from Pretty In Paper, Carrie Anton and Darcie Johnston,American Girl Publishing, 2014. All rights reserved.

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