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Four for the 4th: Fast, Fun Patriotic Crafts to Make with Your Kids


Show your patriotic spirit with these easy crafts that are Yankee Doodle dandy!


Patriotic hair flair

Tie pieces of narrow red, white, and blue ribbon around a hair elastic for a color explosion that will be a perfect match for the evening’s fireworks.



Make one to wear and more to share!

  1. Cut 4 pieces of embroidery floss in any combination of red, white, and blue—or add a strand of gold or silver for extra sparkle. Gather the floss together and tie a knot at each end, leaving a ½-inch tail at the top and bottom. Secure one end to a clipboard, or tape it to your work surface, to hold it in place.
  2. Pinch the bottom knot between your fingers and twist the floss. Continue twisting until the strands are tight. Keep holding the bottom knot while you move to step 3.
  3. Place a finger from your other hand halfway up the twisted floss rope to mark the middle. Bring the bottom knot up to meet the top knot. Pull the tail out of the clipboard or release it from the tape while pinching both knots together. Let go of the middle with your other hand so the floss twists on itself.
  4. To smooth out any kinks, pull on the bottom and smooth the floss with your fingers.
  5. The top and bottom knot should now be side by side. Tie a third, larger knot directly below them.
  6. To wear, push a finger through the unknotted end to make a loop. Push the large knot through the loop. For a smaller bracelet, make a second large knot.
Red white & blue Wreath

Red White Ribben

Make a mini wreath—or several!—to decorate for your 4th of July celebration.

  1. Start with two 9-foot spools of 5/8-inch wide ribbon. Cut the ribbon into 5-inch pieces. Set aside 3 pieces of ribbon to use later.
  2. Attach a piece of ribbon to a plastic bangle bracelet by tying it only once. Continue tying ribbon pieces around the bracelet, sliding the ribbon knots together as you go. Alternate colors and add ribbon until the bracelet is completely covered.
  3. Thread a mini jingle bell on each of the three extra ribbons. Tie each piece onto the wreath. Hang the wreath on a doorknob, on a porch railing, on the end of a picnic table, or on the backs of your lawn chairs.
Straw-spangled Banner

Straw spangled Banner 

Use red, white, and blue drinking straws to make a party-perfect garland!

  1. Cut a long piece of colorful craft cord twice the length you’d like your garland to be (for a long expanse, consider working in sections, then joining completed segments together). Tie a knot 1 foot from the end of the cord, then tape that end to your work surface.
  2. Gather your colorful straws, and snip a few in half. Thread 3 straws—1 short, then 2 long—onto the cord. Make a “V” with the long straws, then thread the cord through the short straw again to make a triangle.
  3. Repeat with additional straws, 1 short and 2 long, until your garland is complete. Tie a knot on the end, and hang your garland.

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