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Capture the Spirit of Halloween with a HOWLing Good Party!

Halloween paper


Start with a spooky invitation that looks like old-fashioned parchment! Type up your party invitation and print it out on white computer paper. Then soak a bag of black tea in a cup of cool water for thirty seconds. Place your invitation on wax paper.

Remove the wet tea bag, and lightly drag it across the invitation in even strokes. Let the paper dry and then do several more coats. Feel free to paint unevenly or crinkle the paper before painting—this will make the paper look older. If you do crinkle the paper, let it dry and smooth it out with your hands before doing another coat.

Hint: Be gentle if you’re using thin paper—it could tear if it gets too wet.

Bats over the moon



Create mini blue moons with glow-in-the-dark gelatin! Follow the directions on the gelatin box, but replace half the regular water with tonic water (name-brand works best). Put the pan of gelatin in the refrigerator and let set. Cut out circle shapes using a drinking glass. Arrange the shapes on a clear plate. When you place the gelatin near a black light, the tonic water will make the moons look as if they’re glowing!

Halloween drink


Creepy-Crawly Cubes

The day before the party, make worm-filled ice cubes for your guests’ drinks. Place gummy worms in an ice-cube tray (it’s OK if they stick out of the compartments). Then fill the ice-cube tray with water and freeze overnight.

Potion Punch

Brew a bright potion! To make punch, mix together 4 tablespoons powdered orange drink mix and 1 cup cold water in a pitcher. Add 2 cups white cranberry juice and 3 cups lemon-lime soda and stir. Fill drinking glasses with creepy-crawly cubes, and pour the punch over the top.

Witches Hat Cookies


Enchant your guests with this tasty topper! Use frosting to stick a chocolate candy cone to the top of a cookie. Decorate your hats with green, gold, black, or orange frosting to make a hatband, then add a small candy buckle to complete your design.

Halloween handbag


Make a Trick-or-Treat Bag 

On a plain tote, draw a web using puffy paint. Let dry. Brush glitter paint all over a plastic spider (found at craft or discount stores). Let dry. Attach to the center of the web with craft glue.




Bats over the moon



Play this fast-action, hauntingly fun game. Sit in a circle and give everyone 7 playing cards. Set plastic spoons with ghosts drawn on them in the middle of the circle. There should be one fewer spoon than the number of players. The first player begins by drawing from the deck of remaining cards. The object is to get 4 of a kind. If she doesn’t want the card, she passes it on.

If she wants the card, she takes it and gives one of hers away. Play continues until one person gets 4 of a kind. She sneakily grabs a spoon. When other players realize a spoon is missing, they quickly grab the remaining spoons. The player who ends up without a spoon gets an “S.” The first player to get all the letters in “SPOOKY” is out—but don’t despair: players who are out are welcome to haunt those who aren’t! Remove one spoon from the pile, and play another round. Continue play until all but one winner ‘ghosts’ out.

Excerpted from American Girl magazine. American Girl Publishing, 2017. All rights reserved.

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