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Be Inspired by Gabriela McBride, American Girl's 2017 Girl of the Year


Sometimes it’s hard for girls to speak out about issues that they feel passionate about. But they all have the power within them to make their voices heard. That’s just one of the inspirational messages our new Girl of the Year™ Gabriela McBride™ has to share with your girl. Gabriela joins a collection of characters who encourage girls to make a difference, whether big or small. In Gabriela’s case, that’s using her creativity to fight for a cause she believes in.

Gabriela, our 15th Girl of the Year, has grown up surrounded by the arts—dance, painting, music, and theater. Her mother is the founder of the Liberty Community Arts Center, a beautiful, but crumbling, old building that is the gathering space for Gabriela’s network of family and friends.

In Gabriela’s stories, we discover that she has a lot to say. But it can be tough to get her message out. She struggles with stuttering, so when she tries to speak, she often finds herself in a battle with her own words. A new group at the arts center helps Gabriela embrace poetry as her art form of choice. When she speaks her poetry aloud with her friends, she finds that her words flow more freely.

While words don’t always come easily, Gabriela is determined to harness her creativity and speak out for change. From saving her beloved arts center to bringing together her classmates at her new school, she always manages to find the right words to rally her community when they need hope.

Gabriela’s story can help your daughter gain the confidence she needs to believe in the power of her own words. Now you can get to know Gabriela McBride and introduce her inspirational story to your girl today!

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