Grandparents Help Shape Our Characters

Words of Wisdom from Some of American Girl’s Favorite Grandparents

Grandparents hold a special place in American Girl’s stories—offering comfort, guidance, a firm hand when needed, and—above all—love. We’ve gathered some gems from the pages of our classics; words that helped shaped our characters through the years.

Grandmother Livingston

“Life often isn’t fair,” Grandmother said. “We can turn bitter and complain about our problems. Or we can try to change what we may, and make the best of every day we’re given.”

Big Momma Geneva Porter

“You have to take your time, and open your heart to learning. It may not be easy, but the things worth having usually don’t come easily.”


“It is a good thing for children to have animals to care for. It reminds them that they are not the only living creatures on the earth.”

Grandpa Shereshevsky

“Courage comes when you need it,” he said, speaking in Yiddish, as he so often did. “I didn’t think I could leave Russia and come to America. It was hard, starting all over again and not speaking one word of English [. . .]. Immigrants have to learn new ways to live here in America,” Grandpa admitted. “But we can’t forget who we are, even if it means being a little different.”


“You and the other ladies who spoke today were simply saying that women should stand up for what they think is right. That’s exactly what I believe, too. And if that’s what voting will give us a chance to do, then I think women should vote. The time for change has come.”

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