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Creative Container Gardening: Grow Your Own Pizza Garden


Spring is here! Time for fresh air and flowers in bloom. It’s also a wonderful time to do something special with your daughter. Try our tips for planting a pizza garden and watch her confidence grow.

Get started: Pick out the perfect container together—at least 24" in diameter, with drainage holes to keep roots healthy. Mix potting soil with organic compost, then fill your container. Your girl can then lay strings that intersect across the center to create “pizza slices” for planting. Label each slice so you remember what you planted. If you have a large, sunny yard, you can create a round pizza shape with plastic edging.

Choose your toppings: Shop your local farmer’s market or garden store and pick out favorite “pizza topping” plants. Some go-to ideas include roma tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, chives, and oregano.

Grow delicious: Make sure you read the tags on your seedlings to figure out how much space they need to spread out. Place your Potted Pizza Garden in a warm, sunny spot on your porch or balcony.

Water: Your girl should check the soil every day—if it feels dry, give the garden a drink. Some plants are thirstier than others, so follow the instructions that come on the seedling tags.

Enjoy! Tomatoes will take up to two months to be ready for harvest, while herbs will be ready much sooner. Help your girl cut sprigs from the main herb plant using clean garden scissors. Then, you can work together to bake a homemade pizza with your fresh-picked toppings and this yummy pizza sauce recipe from the editors at American Girl.

Potted Pizza Garden 

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