Girl of The Year™  

With a new character introduced every year on January 1, the Girl of the Year™ contemporary 18-inch doll line, along with accessories, books, and videos, gives voice to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds through inspiring, relatable characters that instill a sense of pride in girls and show them there is no limit to what they can accomplish. And, with its universally appealing story themes that address issues and concerns of girls today, the Girl of the Year line empowers girls to feel connected and gives them the confidence to take action and make a difference.

Truly Me™  

Every girl can express what makes her one of a kind with a Truly Me™ doll! Choosing among different eye, skin, and hair colors, plus outfits and accessories for all sorts of interests, each girl gets to design a doll as unique as she is. Each doll comes with a Me-and-My- Doll Activity Set with dozens of creative ideas for girls to do with their dolls. Activities are based on core themes like fashion, hair play, school, and animals, and are designed to provide girls unique ways of expressing their creativity and personal style.


American Girl's signature line of 18-inch historical dolls, books, and related accessories connects girls with inspiring characters and timeless stories from America's past. This line gives girls today the opportunity to explore the past, find their place in the present, and think about the possibilities their future can bring. At the same time, the BeForever characters help girls see the common threads—the shared interests, the shared challenges, and the shared dreams—that tie children from all times together.

Girl holding the WellieWishers™ WellieWishers™  

The WellieWishers™ are a sweet and silly group of girls who each have the same big, bright wish: to be a good friend. They try their best to be well-wishers, people who show kindness to others. These fun-loving friends imagine and play in a charming backyard garden cared for by wise and wonderful Aunt Miranda. When the WellieWishers™ step into their colorful garden boots, they are ready for anything—stomping in mud puddles, putting on a show, and helping friendships grow. They're finding out that "good deeds" such as cooperating, sharing, taking turns, respecting feelings, and making it right aren't always the easiest things to do, but they are just the right things to do to make beautiful friendships bloom.

Bitty Baby™  

The Bitty Baby™ line of baby dolls features storybooks, outfits, and accessories that promote play among girls ages 3 and up. Nursery necessities and baby gear—inspired by such popular nurturing themes as bedtime, travel, and mealtime—encourage imaginative play and help bring Bitty Baby’s world to life for young girls.