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Introduce a Girl to Engineering with NSPE and American Girl


Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day—or, in the concise style of language prized in engineering, “Girl Day”—aims to spark girls’ long-lasting interest in the fascinating, and sometimes unexpected, work that engineers do. More a movement than a moment, Girl Day offers girls an opportunity to see how their own creativity, interests, talents, and fortitude can equip them to solve problems and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Whether dreaming of interplanetary travel, like Luciana, or discovering new projects and possibilities with Doll STEM (available February 19th), girls have wonderful, informal learning opportunities available to them through play—and engineering needs creative thinkers like your imaginative girl.

Girl Science Lab

Girl Day Origins

Engineers Week, celebrated since 1951, has grown from a handful of local programs for professionals in engineering to a vibrant, mission-driven community of engineers, volunteers, industry leaders, and educators who are committed to helping others discover and understand engineering. Recognizing the need for greater diversity and representation in the engineering community, and concerned about projected shortfalls in engineering training and talent, the National Society of Professional Engineers set out to do for their organization and community the very thing that engineers do best: identify and find solutions to a problem.

Their efforts led to the development of a vibrant outreach and education program, DiscoverE

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day was launched during Engineering Week’s 50th Anniversary celebration, February 18-24, 2001. Now in its 17th year, Girl Day offers a spectacular array of programming and events, made possible by enthusiastic volunteers and partners, that engage over a million girls each year

Girl smiling in class

Girl Day is YOUR Day—

Here are just a few ways you and your girl can get involved!

Get the conversation started.

Did you know that there are more than 40 sub-disciplines— and more than 120 specific fields—of engineering? DiscoverE’s great list of conversation starters will get you and your girl thinking about engineering in terms of her own interests, talents, and the many ways she could make a positive difference in the world.

Find Girl Day programs and events in your area.

Take advantage of DiscoverE’s easy to use, searchable Upcoming Events tool to find just the right event, exhibit, camp, or program for your girl. You can also celebrate with NASA via live stream: starting at 9 a.m. EST, the Kennedy Space Center will feature talks from different female scientists and engineers each hour and will host a live Q&A on Twitter during each presentation. #NASAdeep

Girls in science classroom

Roll up your sleeves and get busy.

DiscoverE's collection of Cool Content & Activities offers a library of videos, games, and activities that you and you girl can explore together. One note: a few of the activities require lab or educational space, equipment, and a certain amount of expertise, but there’s plenty you and your girl can do safely at home.

Girls in science classroom

Join an engineering community.

Is your girl already enthusiastic about engineering? Consider becoming a member of SWENext, part of the Society of Women Engineers. SWENext, which is free to join, supports girls by offering great content and resources; sponsoring competitions, awards, and scholarships; and inspiring local clubs and programming for girls.

Don’t underestimate the power of play

EngineerGirl, a website for girls that grew as a service of the National Academy of Engineering, is another great resource for you and your girl to delve in to engineering. Be sure to check out their Quizzes & Polls for a fun way to learn and explore the world of engineering.

No matter your girl’s aspirations, introducing her to engineering will pique her curiosity and offer her new ways to see and interact with her world. She’ll meet inspiring role models and learn about her world in new and exciting ways. She’ll gain practice in critical observation, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving—all essential 21st century skills—and she’ll learn ways to use her imagination and creativity to help her achieve whatever she dreams.

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