Whatever unique passion your girl may have—singing, robotics, the arts, or athletics—sometimes she needs a little extra courage to turn her aspirations into action. Songwriter Tenney Grant’s stories explore the challenges and pressures of following your dreams. Through her struggles and successes, girls will be inspired to share their authentic selves and find the confidence to wholeheartedly pursue their passions.

Tenney, the newest contemporary character from American Girl, has a world of feelings, ideas, and music welling up inside her—all she needs now is the right stage to share what’s in her heart. But what will it take to go from the special songwriting spot in her family’s backyard to center-stage at her school Jamboree to backstage at her first big concert?

In Tenney’s stories, she discovers it takes hard work and grit to stay on the path to becoming a great performer, and sometimes she questions if it’s all worth it—especially if she wants to stay true to herself and her music. But she doesn’t give up. And throughout her journey, she has an important message to share with your girl: If you hit a roadblock, back up and look for a new path to reach your dream.

Thanks to her bandmate, a drummer named Logan Everett, Tenney learns the importance of collaboration and compromise. When she’s paired with Logan for a major performance, she faces the challenge of letting others add to her creative voice without sacrificing her sound.

Tenney’s story will ignite your girl’s passion for whatever path she wants to pursue. Get to know Tenney Grant and share her story of making music with your girl today.