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Horse and Home: A Mother-Daughter Dramatic Rescue


Mothers and daughters can accomplish incredible things together, and that certainly was the case for Kay and her 14-year-old daughter, Emma. Together, they set out on an overnight journey to save animals that were in dire need. Giving their time, talents, and resources, they were able to save eight horses. Here is their incredible true story, told by Emma, as it appeared in the March/April 2018 issue of American Girl magazine.

Here is the incredible true story of a mother and daughter, told by Emma

Before I got my horse Ruby, she was homeless, hadn’t been taken good care of, and was super skinny. My mom and I rescued her. Now Ruby and I travel to horse shows and trail-ride together. Sometimes we just hang out. With Ruby and me, everything just clicks.

There are so many rescue horses like Ruby who need homes. Last summer, someone called my mom about eight horses needing an urgent rescue. My mom is a horse trainer, and this person thought she might be able to help. My mom and I drove through the night towing a big horse trailer to pick up the horses. It took us about 25 hours just to get to the horses.

The homeless horses were scared and skinny. Seeing them made me sad. I knew they must be thirsty, too, but they were too stressed to drink. We loaded them up in our trailer and headed out. After stopping to fix a tire along the way and stopping every two hours to offer the horses water, we finally made it back home.

Later, after the horses were taken care of and healthy, we found all eight of them new homes! For me, that’s just about the best feeling in the world.


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