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Read with Your Daughter: Free Online Library



You and your girl may be home right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel to exciting times and places, and meet new friends along the way.

Welcome to American Girl’s online library, a place where you and your girl will love stepping into stories full of adventure, bravery, and daring, featuring girls who live in times and places she may have never seen before. You’ll also find lots of expert advice to help her sort through her feelings, family, and friendships during these very different times.

We hope these books provide you with new ways to connect and have fun with your girl. Come back every week to find new fun reads to love—each available for a limited time.

Week 12

This week’s picks spotlight Rebecca, a Jewish girl growing up in New York’s Lower East Side in 1914, just before World War 1. Rebecca was born to be on stage, if only her very traditional family understood that! When her cousin’s family needs to leave their dangerous life in Russia and come to America, Rebecca plays a starring role in helping them escape.

The Sound of Applause: Rebecca

A Smart Girl's Guide: Knowing What to Say

Rebecca Mitchell teacher's guide

Week 11

We’re highlighting Luciana this week, a girl who dreams of being the first person to step foot on Mars. Her scientific curiosity leads her to fascinating new discoveries—and sometimes straight into trouble!


Luciana Book 1

Week 10

This week’s picks spotlight Julie, a girl growing up in funky San Francisco in the 1970s, a time of big changes for women and girls. When Julie finds out her new school doesn’t have a girl’s basketball team, and the coach won’t let her play on the boy’s team, it’s time for Julie to stand up and make some changes for herself.

The Big Break: Julie Book 1

Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends

Julie teacher's guide

Week 9

This week’s picks spotlight Maryellen, a creative, fun-loving girl growing up in sunshiny Daytona Beach in the 1950s. Sometimes her big, bold ideas steer her into trouble, but no matter how things turn out, she learns to stay true to her one-of-a-kind, wonderful self.

Maryellen: The One and Only

A Smart Girl's Guide: Liking Herself

Maryellen teacher's guide

Week 8

This week’s picks showcase two spine-tingling mysteries. Nanea uncovers secrets of an ancient shark goddess, and Kit explores a shadowy mystery in Mammoth Cave.


The Legend of The Shark Goddess: A Nanea Mystery

Menace at Mammoth Cave: A Kit Mystery

Week 7b

This week’s picks include The Smart Girl’s Guide to the Digital World, where you’ll find ways to be a positive and safe digital citizen. Spark gives you ideas for exploring the many ways you can express your creativity—online and in real life.


A Smart Girl's Guide: Digital World

Spark: A Guide to Ignite the Creativity Inside You

Week 7a

This week’s picks spotlight Kaya, a Nez Perce girl growing up in 1764, before America was a country. She and her people lived in harmony with nature, making sure the land around them stayed beautiful and bountiful for future generations. Kaya has a special bond with her beloved horse Steps High. Together they have amazing adventures, and run into plenty of danger, too!


The Journey Begins: A Kaya Classic

Kaya teacher's guide

Week 6b

This week’s picks spotlight Josefina, an Hispanic girl growing up in beautiful Santa Fe countryside in the 1820s. She and her sisters are healing after the loss of their Mama, and together they find new paths to happiness.

Josefina: Sunlight and Shadows

Your Happiest You

Josefina teacher's guide




Week 6a

We’re highlighting Joss this week, a fierce surfer girl who’s all in—100%. Joss was born with hearing loss, but she doesn’t let that hold her back from anything. When her brother dares her to try out for the competitive cheer team, she doesn’t back down from the challenge. After all, it’s only tryouts, and how hard can it be?


Girl of the Year: Joss

Virtual Read Along, Joss: Chapter 1




Week 5

This week’s picks spotlight Melody, a girl who grew up listening to Motown music and singing in her church choir in the 1960s. The tumultuous times of the civil rights movement are all around her. When a tragedy upsets Melody so much she loses her voice, her family’s love and support help her heal.

No Ordinary Sound: Melody Book 1 

A Smart Girl's Guide: Understanding Families

Melody Ellison teacher's guide




Week 4

This week’s picks include two spine-tingling mysteries. Samantha uncovers a creepy curse in an old hotel, and Felicity unravels the mystery of a spooky ghost living in her attic.


Samantha Mystery: The Curse of Ravenscourt

Felicity Mystery: Lady Margaret’s Ghost




Week 3

This week’s picks spotlight New York Times bestseller The Care and Keeping of You, the Body Book for Girls. Taking care of your feelings is important too, and we’ve included The Feelings Book to help you sort through your emotions during these very different times.


The Feelings Book: The Care & Keeping of Your Emotions

The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls




Week 2

This week’s picks spotlight Kit, a girl who goes from rich to poor overnight during the Great Depression. Her family pulls together to make every penny stretch as far as they can. Their family motto: Make it last, use it up, or do without!

Read all about it: Kit Book 1

A Smart Girl's Guide: Money

Kit Kittredge teacher's guide

Virtual Read Along, Kit: Read All About It Chapter 1




Week 1

This week’s picks spotlight Nanea, a girl growing up in Hawaii in the 1940s. When World War Two comes right to her hometown of Pearl Harbor, she and her family stay close to soothe their worries.

The Spirit of Aloha: Nanea Book 1

A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry

Nanea Mitchell teacher's guide




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